British Jihadi Member In Syria Opens Q&A Session: ‘We Are Building The Islamic State’

Portraying vicious terrorism against innocent people and made-up enemies as some form of positive and benevolent heroism. Typical muslim barbarics! It’s only their form of Islam that is acceptable for anyone to survive around them. Any other form or opinion being expressed, and you quickly become the ‘enemy’ of Islam.

On Tumblr, British Member Of ISIS Who Recently Arrived In Syria Opens Q&A Session With Readers, Explains How He Reached His Destination, Quotes Bin Laden And Al-Awlaki, Speaks About His Jihadi Companions

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A British jihadi and member of the Al-Qaeda affiliate Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), who calls himself Abu Qa’qaa’, has been active on the blogging site Tumblr for approximately two months.

His first Tumblr posts were limited to general jihadi content, such as sermons and quotes by Anwar Al-Awlaki, Osama bin Laden, and others, as well as jihadi videos from YouTube. Later on, he described the difficulty he and his fellow jihadis experienced in crossing from Turkey to Syria, including the group’s contact with “a mujahid from within Syria” whom they had met over the Internet and who wanted to help them but who was also concerned that they might be spies. He also described seeing a man who he thought “looked like MI5” and acting like he was taking notes on the Turkey side of the border.

Abu Qa’qaa also answered questions from readers. The first questions asked were of a general nature, and Abu Qa’qaa’ seemed hesitant to answer any relating to general Islamic topics. One reader asked whether women could embark on jihad by themselves or must obtain permission, and Abu Qa’qaa’ replied that he was not comfortable answering the question and refers the reader to an article by prominent Saudi Salafi cleric Salih [Muhammad] Al-Munajjid[1] on

He appeared to be cautious, even suspicious. In response to an anonymous reader’s question, “Would you go out for jihad if your parents told you to stay and not join jihad?” Abu Qa’qaa’ replied: “If you are sincere in your question then message me personally, not on anonymous as your apparent [sic.] is that of a spy. Forgive me if this is incorrect.”

So far, Abu Qa’qaa’ is continuing to answer questions about daily life in Syria – which places are safe, how he manages to get an Internet connection, where he gets money for room and board, what items to pack when going to Syria, and so on. He noted particularly that a travel charger, preferably a solar charger, was worth bringing, and that “if you decide to buy, go for the best, as you won’t realize how useful it is until you [are] here.”[2] Several users have asked whether he knows their relatives who are also in Syria, but these posts are often vague, as users are reluctant to share actual names.

The Tumblr page also has a soundtrack with sounds of battle and men singing jihadi songs.

Abu Qa’qaa Arrives In Syria

Around early October,[3] Abu Qa’qaa’ wrote: “Forgive me for not posting as much as usual, as soon as I’m finished on my journey I’ll try to benefit you all as much as possible.” Later he posted: “We have arrived in the land of Izzah! Allahu akbar! Takbeer!!!!!” From this point on, Abu Qa’qaa’ begins sharing his experiences on the Syrian jihad front. In mid-October, he posted the following photo, as well as a few others of daily life in his current location:

<![]–>He also posted the following messages, noting that he was “free to answer any hot Q’s from now on” and that “we will clear up any questions about the islamic State of Iraq and Sham [Syria].”


The first questions following these posts were mostly of a general nature – about how was managing and how he got to Syria. Abu Qa’qaa’ answered some by saying that he would write about them at length later.

“Hijrah (Migration) To Bilaadul-Izzah (The Land Of Honor – Shaam [Syria])” 

In a November 10 post titled “Hijrah (migration) to Bilaadul-Izzah (The Land of Honor – Shaam),” he wrote of his journey to Syria:

“…I would like to state that my intention in writing this text is to invite you all to the land of ‘izzah. It is not to show off, nor appear or seem as if I am some kind of hero as you (the reader) are most likely better than me in so many ways. Neither is this an essay or any other type of academic text but it is a form of expression so there may be repeated words, slang, abbreviations, smileys and so on used during this text.

“We begin this journey by trying to understand the statement… ‘There is NO might NOR power EXCEPT with Allah.’

“Why do I start with this? Simply because along this journey we came across hardships which possibly could of led to near death experiences but never the less by Power of Allah we were made successful without even a mosquito bite touching us… Well some of us…”

“The Land Of ‘Izzah (Honor) Is Something I Had Spoken About For At Least 2 Years; The Nifaaq (Hypocrisy) I Had Felt Would Burn Me Inside And Out Because Of The Luxurious Life Style We Had Compared To That Of The Oppressed”

“The land of ‘Izzah (honor) is something I had spoken about for at least 2 years. The nifaaq (hypocrisy) I had felt would burn me inside and out because of the luxurious life style we had compared to that of the oppressed even though it wasn’t as if I came from a so called wealthy/well off background… What is meant by this statement is that my parents were not of those who completed education as they had me around the age of 17/18. Therefore the majority of the time they would struggle to receive work and obtain an income. My father would always talk to me about ‘breaking the chain’, meaning break through this system in order to gain a way towards hijrah and jihad…. I never came from the ‘life laid out’ kind of background however even with the luxuries surrounding me, [but] I still felt great nifaaq (hypocrisy) in my heart.

“Our jamaa’ah had been waiting a long time for some form of link into bilaadul-‘Izzah (the land of honor) however we knew of no one who had been there or was there already from our community. As time went by we gained frustration and I know I did especially seeing pictures of our brothers and sisters dying and injured on tumblr whilst we all remained behind with talk rather than action. We began to discuss the situation more openly amongst ourselves to see if anyone had any ideas available but in the end we were in the exact same place we started….

“I remember one day we were in the masjid and I was approached by brothers who said to me: ‘khalaas (enough) let’s go and tawwakul ‘alallah (rely on Allah alone)”. This wasn’t surprising to me as it was something I had contemplated alone for quite some time and had come to the point where I had been willing to accept anything. It was between waiting and finishing my degree as my family had desired from me and then going to help whilst my sisters, mothers and children were raped while I waited or leaving right away to be a part of the pain of this ummah even if this meant imprisonment. As the Messenger of Allah… said: ‘The ummah is one body.'”

“In His Lecture On The Topic Of Hijrah, [Anwar Al-Awlaki] States:  Hijrah Is Like Jumping Off A Cliff And Not Knowing What To Expect At The Bottom'”

“I remember a quote by Imam Anwar al-‘Awlaqi… in his lecture on the topic of Hijrah where he states: ‘Hijrah is like jumping off a cliff and not knowing what to expect at the bottom’

“The relevance of this statement concerning our times and the situation which I was about to undertake helped to keep me strong and strengthen my reliance on Allah alone.

“During my contemplation on how to go about leaving the UK, two brothers came to the decision of leaving without any link and had booked their flights already. As soon as I heard about this I jumped towards them in excitement! I wanted to know when they were going, who were they going with, how were they going, did they have a link and finally could I come.

“Even though they accepted me I could feel my heart clinging to dunyaa. Thoughts of my family, comfort and so on started to spring into my chest and I could feel the whispers of shaytan [Satan] becoming more intense as things started to become a reality to me. This feeling gave me the motivation I needed as I knew what my soul was clinging to was nothing but desires and it was time to let go and move on. I decided not to tell anyone for personal reasons…

“Around two days before these brothers were leaving we booked my flight and all praise belongs to Allah as these brothers paid for me. May Allah bless them with the highest of rewards as now my reward in jihad by the permission of Allah also belongs to them on the day of judgment. Look at the mercy of Allah glory be to Him, Lord of the 7 heavens and the 7 earths.

“The day came and it was time to purify our intentions and make plenty of du’aa as I was taking my flight alone and Allah knows best the type of abominations the UK try to accuse us with. May Allah bring about guidance upon them. Not that there is much to talk about here as its best not to discuss these kind of details however I was astonished when the flight attendant had no idea what the word halal meant lol even though she spoke English.”

“Once I Arrived In Turkey… We Made Our Way To… The Syrian Border… All We Wanted Was To Cross… A Brother Among Us Was In Contact With A Mujahid From Syria But… We Had Only Met Over The Internet”

“Once I arrived in Turkey my battery was beginning to run out. I had no connection and was wondering how I was going to find these brothers but alhamdu lillah by the will of Allah I decided to get up walk towards the exit and bumped straight into them by the grace of Allah and we had never been so happy to see one another. We made our way the next morning to a random hotel near the Syrian border where we decided to stay for around 3 days straight in frustration.

“All we wanted was to cross the border but weren’t sure what may have been on the other side. A brother among us was in contact with a mujahid from within Syria but things were difficult. To him we had only met over the Internet and could have been spies for all he knew. He was stuck between helping us and placing himself into major trouble if we weren’t as we claimed to be which we accepted and understood clearly. It came to the point we were ready for him to even take us into Syria and hand us into the authorities above due to our frustration and the fact we had nothing to hide but all praise is due to Allah, it never came to this.

“We were contacted by the brother on the 3rd day of being at this hotel and he informed us that some friends were on their way and asked if we could we help them by leading them towards our hotel. We were happy at such an opportunity for many reasons.

“• The first being an opportunity to meet new brothers as we know that there is nothing like the brother and sisterhood in Islam. Nothing can compare to it.

“• The second, meeting brothers who understood the deen. Brothers who understood the reason we had been placed on this earth and who knew what was incumbent upon them from the commands of Allah. This instantly placed love in our hearts for them and we began to love them for the sake of Allah.

“• The third, by them meeting us, they had the chance to check us out and watch over us to see if they found our movements suspicious. Not to say that this was their intention but this was best for both sides.”

“A Random White Man Was Smoking Outside The Hotel… Some Of Us Stated He Was MI5”; “They Weren’t Letting Us Through… They Wanted A 6,000 Dollar Charge In Order To Let Us Through”; “There Is No Way On The Face Of The Earth Am I Returning Back To Daarul-Kufr (The Land Of Disbelief)”

“By Allah’s grace the brothers approved of us and that very next day we made steps towards the borders of sham! We ordered our taxis, packed our things and made our way. In the morning we realized a random white man was smoking outside the hotel, no one took notice of him as they simply thought he was Syrian as they tend to have a light complexion but I pointed him out as to me he looked European. He was wearing military boots, fitted jeans, a grey jacket and sun glasses. He looked like a man you would find in the pub after a football game but even though some of us stated he was Mi5 we still didn’t take much notice. As we arrived at the border, through all the distress and the children begging for money we noticed the same man sat on a stool between all of this watching with a notepad in his hand. His presence was irrelevant to us.

“All we were concerned about was crossing the border. Our frustration grew as the people started to surround us and kept on trying to interfere by trying to help us cross in order to attain money from us. We never gave in as these children had camera phones and seemed well clothed. I remember saying to myself alhamdu lillah I didn’t bring any women to this place as this was not the place for a woman especially a wife.

“As soon as the people surrounding us brought us to the border, instantly we were rejected simply for having British passports. I can’t explain how our hearts dropped when we realized they weren’t letting us through no matter what we did. The Amir of our group tried to bargain with them but they wanted a 6,000 dollar charge in order to let us through. In my heart I was willing to pay that as long as they would let us in but I didn’t have the money even if I wanted to.

“Upon rejection we returned back to the hotel extremely disheartened. We were discussing amongst each other how tears were ready to flow from our eyes. I was laying with my head on the lap of my brother Abu Layth. Your average person would never understand this. This is why the brotherhood in Islam is so beautiful, it is something unique, something you could never understand unless you were a Muslim.

“We lay there for around half an hour in silence while a brother from among the brothers we had met by the name of Abu ‘Uthmaan was trying his best to make us look at the bright side of things. Even if it was something small. All I remember is telling myself there is no way on the face of the earth am I returning back to Daarul-Kufr (the land of disbelief).”

“Just When Everything Seemed Negative… The Amir Of Our Group Received A Phone Call Saying That A Van Will Be Coming To Pick Us Up Shortly… Words Cannot Explain The Excitement That Rushed Through Our Blood”

“Just when everything seemed negative and all we could do was make du’aa, the Amir of our group received a phone call saying that a van will be coming to pick us up shortly so be ready to leave. Words cannot explain the excitement that rushed through our blood… Within 5 minutes the van arrived… It was only a short journey, around about 20 minutes long, even though because of our lack of Arabic we thought he said 20 hours but even with this we didn’t care.

“The driver brought us to a local village [still in Turkey] where we were dropped off and then left us with people who didn’t speak a word of English. We had no idea what was going on or what to think. On this note the Amir tried phoning back the brother from within but the signal was poor where we were. Waiting played a huge part in this journey and it was important that we remained patient, as Allah says in the Koran… ‘Indeed Allah is with the patient.’

“As our group continued to wait we received a call from the brother once we finally managed to gain some signal and passed it over to the man whose house we had been left at. The phone call finished and it was time to move. We jumped in the back of a pickup truck along with our luggage and began phase 2.”

The Turkish Soldiers At The Border “Asked Us Were We Jaysh Al-Hur (Free Syrian Army) But We Replied No… We Came Through The Border With No Cities At All In Sight”

“I have videos which I would love to share with you all but they have our faces in… Continuing with the story, shortly 5 minutes into the drive a huge army vehicle from the Turkish army appeared from the border we were about to cross. On top of it was a machine gun with a soldier in control of it and two more men inside. A few of the brothers thought this was it, that we were going to attain martyrdom or be arrested, strangely enough my heart felt at ease and content.

“They commanded us to get out of the car and asked us to open our luggage. They asked us were we jaysh al-hur (Free Syrian Army) but we replied no… The commander was debating whether to send us back or let us through the border but as soon as our driver told them we were British, they smiled and were inspired by our presence. The sad thing was to see they had love for the deen (religion/straight path) but they had sworn allegiance to the tawagheet (tyrant rulers). After searching our luggage and taking a pair of our gloves as a gift (they gave us no choice) they let us go on our way. Our happiness wasn’t hidden, it gleamed from our faces so much that it brought smiles to theirs but they made the vehicle we were in turn around and leave, leaving us to travel through the border on foot.

“We came through the border with no cities at all in sight. All I remember was how sweet the tangerine was that one of the brothers Abu Dujana gave me. A man was there on the opposite side of the border as soon as we crossed and was trying to help us with our luggage…We tried to stop him until we realized he had a hand gun strapped to the side of his hip…

“Walking up the path I started to discuss with him using the little Arabic I knew and realized he was from the group Ahrar Al-Sham. We realized we were in safe hands and none could have provided this for us except Allah. He asked us which group we was going to join and how was our journey. He was very comforting and it was beautiful to meet such a brother.

” Again we couldn’t get hold of the brother from within but out new brother from Ahrar Al-Sham invited us as guests until we were able to contact him and understand what we were going to do from this point. Finally after some wait we managed to contact him and the brothers from Ahrar Al-Sham placed us in the back of a van. They dropped us into the city without taking anything from us and wouldn’t take any gifts we wanted to give them. All they requested was du’aa (supplication) for the death of a shaheed (martyrdom). What more could you ask for.”

“A Pickup Truck Swung Round The Corner And Out Jumped The Brother We Had Been In Contact With… The Smile That Was On This Brother’s Face Gave Him Away Instantly… Instantaneously Love Was Stored Between Our Hearts And We Hugged Each Other Tightly”

“As soon as we jumped out of the van a pickup truck swung round the corner and out jumped the brother we had been in contact with, Abu Abdurrahman al-Biritaani… He seemed as eager to me to meet us as we were to meet him. Instantaneously love was stored between our hearts and we hugged each other tightly with the biggest of smiles on our faces… Our journey took about 2 hours to arrive to the destination we had in mind. Along the way we were smiling so much the muscles in our face began to hurt! We would listen to the stories Abu Abdurrahman would tell us about his experiences here in the past few months.

“At Least 5 Dawlat Al-Islam Members And 1 Jabhat Al-Nusrah Member Were Martyred That Day… A Brother I Had Met Called Khattab Took Me To See The Bodies Secretly And To My Amazement It Was If They Weren’t Dead… [Like] In The Koran: Do Not Think Of Those Who Are Killed In The Way Of Allah As Dead, Nay They Are Alive!'”

“Once we arrived at our destination there were major problems between Dawlat Al-Islam (the Islamic state) and jaysh al-hur (Free Syrian Army), so the brothers rushed us inside to safety… [T]he brothers brought us into a place we could rest, showed us around, fed us with some beautiful pasta and yoghurt, showed us the entertainment room and where we could find medicine in the stock room…

“If I remember correctly at least 5 Dawlat Al-Islam members and 1 Jabhat Al-Nusrah member were martyred that day. I remember a brother I had met called Khattab took me to see the bodies secretly and to my amazement it was if they weren’t dead. Wallahi (by Allah) it was as if they were sleeping but more paler. This reminded me of the ayat (verse/sign) in the Koran: ‘Do not think of those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead, Nay they are alive!’…

“[Khattab] asked me my name and I gave him my real name accidentally. He grabbed my hand firmly and told me never ever to do that again…. He told me… that I need the name of a companion and he gave me the name… We will leave that for another day 🙂

“Forgive me for all the mistakes as this was typed up very fast. The point of this is to inspire you the reader to rely on Allah alone and make your way to us. Your brothers and sisters are in need of you. We are in need of you. We need more men!

“Your brother from Shaam…”

“A Group Of About 8 Indonesial Brothers Came About Two Weeks Ago”

Also on November 10, Abu Qa’qaa’ was asked: “How international are the mujahideen? I heard there are Chinese and Norwegians? Are they welcomed by the locals?” He replied: “Yup this is true. A group of about 8 Indonesian brothers came about two weeks ago. They love us here. Especially the Arabs! When they hear you’re from Britain they just stare at you and smile. And I’m talking about the mujahideen and locals.” 

“Important Matters Concerning Being/Living In The Lands Of Shaam”

In another November 10 post, titled “Important matters concerning being/living in the lands of Shaam,” Abu Qa’Qaa’ discusses various aspects of the conflict:

“It Is Majorly Important That People Understand That Not All Of The Free Syrian Army Are Murtadeen (Apostates)… Not All Of Them Want Democracy”

Jaysh al-Hurr (Free Syrian Army) – It is majorly important that people understand that not all of the Free Syrian Army are murtadeen (apostates). Free Syrian Army is a title given to many branches/groups that are fighting in Syria. Not all of them want democracy however they may have issues with their aqeedah. It is important this is understood and we are not simply making takfeer on an entire people when Dawlat Al-Islam and Jabhat Al-Nusrah still consider certain branches/groups to be their brothers in Islam even though they shave, smoke and so on…

Aqeedah (Ideology/Faith) – Another important note is that we need to have our Aqeedah in check. If we do not have the correct belief then how is it possible that you will be able to mentally cope with issues concerning warfare. It is also important to understand that there are people here who are not learned and can easily make mistakes even though their intentions may be correct. If we are a witness of a mistake we have no right to oppose such a person, criticize them nor insult them. We are brothers in faith!…

“The Mujahid [Must Know] Who To Kill And Who Not To Kill… We Do Not Show Opposition To Those Who Do Not Oppose Allah And His Messenger”

Takfeer – … Concerning the rulings, the conditions and the nullifiers of your Islam. This is extremely important for many reasons. The first being for the mujahid knowing who to kill and who not to kill. We are not barbarians, nor serial killers, nor murderers! You will be questioned by Allah as to why you took the life of a person on the day of judgment…. Secondly, it is important concerning the subject of al-Walaa wal-baraa. We must know who to [love] and who to hate for the sake of Allah. We must know who to show allegiance to and who not to. It is important for the protection of the Islamic state…

Niyyah (Intentions) – My last point concerning matters which are important whilst being in the lands of Shaam is one of the greatest matters of the heart which is our intentions. From the start till the end. From your hijrah (migration) till your death. As Allah knows best who is from among the shuhadaa’ and who is not. Allah says: ‘do not die any other death except the death of a Muslim'”…

“To The Brothers: What Are You Waiting For? There Are Plenty Of Weapons Here Waiting For You To Come And Play With Them… We Are Building The Islamic State”

On November 11, Abu Qa’qaa’ implored other Muslims to come join the jihad:

“To the brothers: What are you waiting for? There are plenty of weapons here waiting for you to come and play with them. Plenty of food as a sheep gets slaughtered regularly depending on how many brothers are around, there are plenty of women here waiting to get married 😉 waiting to bare the offspring of the army of Imam Mehdi by the will of Allah and there is honor for the Muslims here.

“To the sisters: What are you waiting for? Your husband’s clothes need washing! (I’m joking) but seriously what are you waiting for? You may wear your veils without being harassed, no woman is harmed here and if she is there is a harsh penalty as the woman’s honor is not to be tampered with whatsoever, there are plenty of mujahideen desiring to get married who have some of the most loving and softest characters I have ever witnessed even though they are lions in the battlefield, there are orphans here waiting for mothers to love them the way their parents would have. Come to the land of honor. You are needed here.

“We don’t just need men and money. We need communities. We are building the Islamic state. Join us as it is becoming extremely difficult to enter through the borders.”

Abu Qa’qaa’ also continued to post photos of himself and his British companions:

<![]–>“Memories I Will Never Forget During My Jihad So Far”

Also on November 11, Abu Qa’qaa’ shared some of his most meaningful experiences, in a post titled “Memories I Will Never Forget During My Jihad So Far”:

“One Of The Brothers I Left With… Was Leaving… [For] Iraq”

“The First: One of the brothers I left with by the end of training was leaving us and taking a path into Iraq. He had chosen to sacrifice his life for the sake of Allah but this brother’s heart was very innocent. It wasn’t easy for him to leave us and as he realized we were going to separate I saw his face drop. It hit him hard and he knew the choice he had made. He came round to the side of our vehicle and said to me ‘this is it, if we don’t see each other again we will meet in Jannah [Paradise]. I could see his eyes welling up which urged me to get up and lean out of the car window to hug him. His tears melted the firmness of my shoulder and I reassured him everything was going to be ok. His tears grew. It’s amazing the attachment you can have to your Muslim brothers. I miss him more than he could ever know. I ask Allah to reunite us.” 

“The Tunisian Brother Who We Met When We Finally Left Training… We Only Met Him That Morning And Still It Broke His Heart That We Were Leaving”

“The Second: The Tunisian brother who we met when we finally left training. What amazed us about him was we met him only in the morning along our journey to Zimlah. He taught us a new technique on how to put our weapons back together and was eager to sit with us as he was inspired by brothers who come from the west. Especially British and American. That very same day we were leaving this place and continuing our journey to Zimlah. As we walked out the door he realized we was leaving and gave us our hugs before we left….[W]e only met him that morning and still it broke his heart that we were leaving… This is true love for the sake of Allah. This is something you can never understand unless you experience the brotherhood of being a Muslim…”

“One Of My Best Memories So Far Was Giving Sweets To The Children Of Syria And Watching Their Faces Glow Out Of Happiness… This Is Jihad – Jihad Is Not Just Fighting And Killing”

“The Third: One of my best memories so far was giving sweets to the children of Syria and watching their faces glow out of happiness. Such simple children. So humble that a simple sweet brings happiness to their faces. Then more gather and start to share with one another because they are too shy to ask for more or even approach you. I kept on handing them out because the feeling it gave me in my heart is something which can’t be expressed in words. This is jihad. Jihad is not just fighting and killing….”

“The Support That The People Shown Us, Mainly The Children, Was Something I Could Of Never Imagined… Even Though These People Had Never Seen Us Before They Knew We Were Here To Protect Them…. I Began To Cry”

“The Fourth: I am now here back in Zimlah waiting for this battle it is rumored we are about to participate in. On the way here we drove past many towns and villages and the support that the people shown us, mainly the children was something I could of never imagined. People were waving, shouting, staring. A group of little girls gathered and watched as we drove past. The children were shouting ‘may Allah give you victory’ and ‘Allah is the greatest’ (obviously in Arabic) but it was just so amazing to see that even though these people had never seen us before they knew we were here to protect them… I began to cry… ”

Those Who Wish To Join The Jihad Will Be Provided For

Abu Qa’qaa’ mentioned that he spoke with Sheikh Abu ‘Imad, the Emir of Wilaayat Al-Baadiyyah, which he called “a state within Dawat Al-Islam [ISIS],” and relayed a message from him assuring those who wish to join the jihad that their needs would be taken care of, that they do not need to pay for their housing, and that even a woman does not require the permission of her parents in order to join jihad. He also posts the address of his new Twitter account; as of this writing he has posted 41 tweets and has 230 followers.

Abu Qa’qaa’ also posted a picture of a message from his little sister (he had previously mentioned that she was too young to join him in Syria):

<![]–>In response to the question “Are there many Chechens? Or are there people who come from Belgium?” Abu Qa’qaa’ replied, “There are both.”

He then provided a link to a new blog belonging to “my brother from Dawat Al-Islam,”

On November 12, he wrote: “We have just been told there are 51 different races in Dawat Al-Islam. Subhaan Allah.” On November 13, he was asked, “Why is ISIS kidnapping journalists?” His response was: “Don’t know who you heard this from but it doesn’t happen.”


[1] Saudi Salafi cleric Saleh Muhammad Al-Munajid is known for his controversial statements and fatwas – including calling Hurricane Sandy Allah’s punishment for Afghanistan and Iraq, a fatwa permitting hacking into “Jewish websites,” a fatwa stating that Mickey Mouse should be killed. He called the 2008 Beijing Olympics the “bikini Olympics” and referred to them as “satanic,” and has stated that women must not exercise in public. He has also discussed how Western “beasts” use public toilets and wear colored underwear “to conceal all that filth,” and calling the December 2004 Southeast Asia earthquake and tsunami “punishment” for sex tourism on New Year’s Eve and for drunkenness on Christmas. View MEMRI TV clips of his statements here and here.

[2] November 18, 2013. All Al-Qa’qaa’s posts, which are in English, have been lightly edited for clarity.

[3] The dates are estimated based on Tumblr’s system of dating posts.


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  1. Introducing Islam
    Islam- means submission to the will of Allah, and a Muslim is one who is submitted. While the world scrambles for peace, Muslims teach that it will only be possible when everyone is subject to Allah’s Islamic laws called Sharia. Be that as it may, Islam isn’t a religion. It is a fascist political Beast hiding behind a religious mask with the expressed goal of establishing a leader called a caliph who will rule the world by means of a centralized international caliphate. The final effort to force submission to the will of Allah is a holy war called Jihad which is already underway socially and politically through a kind of civilization jihad. In case you’re a Bible student taking notes from what you just read, please re-read Daniel 7-11 and Revelation 13-19 for a perfect illustration of the Islamic Beast now taking control of the world.

    How has this happened? Muslims simply follow Muhammad’s three-step pattern for integrating into a society and ultimately taking it over:

    (1) Immigrate peacefully, respectfully as a religion. Folks notice them and begin to say: “I met a Muslim and they’re nice. Let more in.” More come in and they (2) increase in numbers, become a community, get an Imam, build a mosque and begin teaching the Quran. Ladies start wearing the burqas, they begin loudspeaker calls to prayer up to five times per day where devout Muslims cascade out into the streets that are forcibly shut down for undetermined amounts of time. Since people can’t travel freely any longer- and since the police don’t dare disrupt their religious activities- they end up (3) eliminating the culture and taking over these neighborhoods. Soon Sharia replaces the Constitution and cops that once maintained order in those areas aren’t allowed in or are pelted with stones when answering a call. There are currently 751 “no go” zones in Paris where 5 million Muslims reside. Sadly, thanks to godless liberals, America is now following this same frightening pattern.

    The Islamic Beast is Rising (Psa 83; Ezek 38-39; Dan 7-12; Rev 11-19)!
    Dan 7:7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.

    The end times are earmarked by several signs including danger, deception. The rise of Islam is quickly developing into the most dreadful yet deceptive enemy in the history of the world. As it continues to grow so does the decline of common sense in the West.

    What I find to be most deceptive, however, is how these throat slitting Mooslims – and they are all commanded in the Qu’ran to do this- have been cleverly couched as a radical minority in an otherwise peaceful “religion”. To those paying attention this came as no surprise; here are the exact words from Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna- who incidentally was a devout admirer of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis: “Jihad is an obligation from Allah on every Muslim and cannot be ignored nor evaded . . . It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”

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