Your Daily Muslim: Javidibn Bashir Alkashmiri

Your Daily Muslim

Kashmiri Muslim Javidibn Bashir Alkashmiri (alternately spelled Javid ibn Bashir al-Kashmiri) is a real piece of work. When his Islamic ninja friend Cheri Bernice Joan Mays discovered the YDM post about her, he jumped into action, engaging in the fascinating internet phenomenon known as “white-knighting.” Basically, white-knighting is when a male defends a female online in the hope to get her to be interested in him. However, Alkashmiri’s religion prevents much interaction between sexes, so Alkashmiri remains yet another keyboard warrior with perennial blue balls.

“When a brother/sister continuously jokes with the opposite gender & speaks when there is no need to do so (if you didn’t know this is otherwise known as socializing), even after being advised, it shows that they have no shame or respect…” Alkashmiri posted. He refrains from engaging in pleasant conversations with females online due to the harsh sharia prohibitions on gender-mixing, hence why he…

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