‘We got the message… we know who sent it and how to retaliate’: Al Qaeda group claims responsibility for bombs near Iranian Embassy in Beirut as Hezbollah vows revenge… but Iran blames Israel

Peace and Freedom


  By  Stephen  Rex Brown     / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

The two bombs  detonated in the Lebanese capital’s upscale neighborhood of Janah wounded at  least 146 in the latest apparent example of a proxy battle tied to the Syrian  civil war. A Lebanese security official said the first suicide attacker rode a  motorcycle and blew himself up at the gate to the Iranian embassy Tuesday  morning. The second arrived two minutes later in a car rigged with 110 pounds of  explosives, the official said.

Hussein Malla

Lebanese men remove a body from a burned car at the scene where two  explosions struck near the Iranian Embassy.

A terrorist group linked with Al Qaeda claimed responsibility Tuesday for  twin suicide bombings at the Iranian embassy in Beirut that killed 23, including  an Iranian diplomat.

The Abdullah Azzam Brigades said it was behind the  explosions  in  the  south of the…

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