Israeli secret service to help Bulgaria with border problems

Refugee Resettlement Watch

And, the Mossad has promised to help the besieged European nation on the border with Turkey to weed out the terrorists among the “refugee” flow.

From the Standart:

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad will help Bulgaria with the Syrian refugees, it became clear from the words of Interior Minister Tsvetlin Jovchev in a TV program on Nova TV, Standart daily reports.

The Deputy Prime Minister was on a week-long visit to Israel a few days ago and confirmed that the Middle Eastern country will help Bulgaria in securing the refugee situation, due to Israel’s experience in the area.

Jovchev also noted that he hopes that the forecast of 200,000 immigrants in Bulgaria will not prove true. “We have over 10,000 illegal aliens now. Part of them – more than 1,000 – have not sought refuge and will have to be expelled out of the country. About 8,000 of them…

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