All British schoolchildren required to study Islamic history starting 2014

Ban Islam

All British schoolchildren required to study Islamic history starting 2014

I’m sure they are going to learn all about the prophet of Islam and how he slaughtered Christians, took children as his wives and drove all the Jews out Saudi Arabia:

Beginning in 2014, the United Kingdom will require all British schoolchildren to complete a unit on the history of Islam, proudly reports Press TV, Iran’s very own 24-hour English language news organization.

British Education Secretary Michael Gove announced the addition of a Muslim-specific component after revisions were made to address an outcry over a prior draft that did not include any references to the monotheistic Abrahamic religion.

Muslims were among the most vocal critics. The Muslim Council of Britain, which represents about 500 Islamic institutes across Britain, declared that it was “deeply disappointed.”

The revised curriculum is “great,” though, according to Salim Mulla, chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques. Sulla believes that people in the country could use…

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5 thoughts on “All British schoolchildren required to study Islamic history starting 2014”

  1. Studying islamic history at school _should_ be mandatory – just done using the truth as the curriculum…

    This instruction should be discontinued only when islam has been crushed finally and forever.

  2. Everyone should learn about Islam, because it is the motivating force behind rapists, thieves, terrorists, paedophiles, drug dealers, slavers and pond scum in general.

    You cannot defeat evil without understanding what it is.

  3. Hope they also let them know stories like what happened to Shy Keenan and how society let her down on so many levels and how islam lets females down and victimizes them again and again too. How the victim is made to feel like it is her fault and becomes afraid to speak out against the criminal and how society lets the criminal get away with it. Victims of pedophiles get the raw end of the deal in islam all the time, become afraid to speak out because there is no victims rights in islam and the end effect is usually death to the poor victim. Family and friends do not stand beside the victim. The same thing happened to Shy. As Shy would say society does not do enough to support the victims and put an end to this criminal behaviour and in turn they see they can get away with it and take many more victims. Islam is getting away with way too much and taking more and more victims all the time and is why women are afraid to speak up as the victims are not protected. Islam is for women haters, rapists, pedophiles, wife beaters, psychopaths, sadists, men who love slaves and servitude and have no respect for women. Hope they teach the truth.

  4. Regardless, bye bye Britian. Hello islamic to yet another islamic run country, bye, bye all your churches in the future and ancient artifacts and all that made up the real history of Britain. Too bad, as the bloody muslims should be learning about the country they come too and learn to respect it and not enforce their values upon others. They should be saying thank you and honouring British values as it was their choice to go there. But sorry everyone likes to kiss thier butts, let them win and take over. They are intolerant to anyone elses values and beliefs but expect others to tolerate them.

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