French Imam Fakes His Own Hate Crime On Mosque

Graffiti on the mosque in Pau.

‘Hate crime’ graffiti on the mosque in Pau. (MZ)

Le Republique  |  November 14, 2013  | Tags à la mosquée de Pau: l’imam avoue en être l’auteur  

The police opened an investigation in October after the discovery of offensive texts made ​​in green paint at the mosque on Pau Avenue Buros. Written in Arabic, the graffiti appealed to the faithful Muslims calling them “infidels, hypocrites, unjust …”. The offended imam of the mosque went to the police station a few times to denounce the hateful messages.

Police indulged the mosque leader’s demand for an investigation, which led them…. nowhere. The leads had been successful until Wednesday, when the imam came to the police station to confess that, in fact, it was he who was the author of that little display of self-hatred and blamed it on the nasty infidels – in retaliation for an ongoing internal feud.

They endlessly lie, create propaganda, report and conduct fake hate crimes. Muslims are the biggest fraudsters and liars in the world, all encouraged in the Qur’an. Here’s another muslim fakery from Austalia where an Imam vandalized his own mosque and them reported it to try and blame non-Muslims:

And here’s another fake ‘vandalism’ from Canada. Of course it is targeted against the Jews, and Muslims tried to pretend Jews vandalized the mosque and spray painted the Jewish cross on the doors followed by insults against Arabs.
Muslims are pathological liars in everything they say and do. Who can feel even an ounce of respect for these people?


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