Debate: Islam in power: the new order in the Arab world

These people are so stupid. Stop calling a wave of extremism ‘Arab Spring’. We have so many stupid people in the West who should  frankly, shut up and get a life. They open their mouth about issues in other parts of the world they have very little grasp of, and without conducted proper investigations. First they all support all these middle eastern fascists to pour into their countries. Then they get ‘worried’ when the usual Islamic ideology is exposed upfront. How about keeping an eye on that before bringing them in?

The U.S., UK and France agreed to Qatari and Saudi demands to remove their competitive and opposing leaders in the Arab world. The Arabs paid to outsource this ugly task. So what are they all whining about? This expanding extremism is the unified handiwork of the Arabs and their military outsourcing to these three Western powers. They should be happy at what they have done.

France, a deeply misogynist, sexist society and the perfect breeding ground for Islamic hate, has destroyed all of Europe by pushing Muslims onto other countries with their bogus foreign policy arguments. They are constantly in bed with these camel-urine drinking Arabs. France is the core reason we have rampant Muslim problems across the EU, and the population is spreading into the U.S., Canada, Australia. They should be banned and punished severely for this. Just wait and see in the future. France will be the first country in Europe that will have an ‘Arab Spring’ trying to superimpose itself on takeover. Remember these words of ours because that day will indeed come. The French are truly that stupid. Their entire welfare system is hijacked by their own stupidity and Muslim population, dragging the entire economy down. They do nothing about these nasty developments in their own country.

1.5 billion Muslims across the world know very well that Islam is both the law and the politics of their nations. And what exactly does this very same Islam say about democracy? There is none. Democracy is anti-Islamic. Muslims are suppose to oppose and strangulate democracy at all costs. When this is the attitude behind the ideals that lead the Arab Winter – not Arab Spring – then how difficult is it to grasp where these Khilafa movement of extremism spreading everywhere will be heading? How hard can it be for these people to get a clue?
Islam in power: the new order in the Arab world

Islam in power: the new order in the Arab world

The Arab Spring is bearing fruit…months after the ousting of dictators, new political regimes are emerging: in Tunisia, where the first post-revolution elections have taken place, it’s Islamists who are likely to take power. What will that mean for the future of the Arab world? What kind of democracy will emerge from it?

  • Jalila HEDHLI-PEUGNET. President of the “Think Ahead for the Med Tunisia” association;
  • Amel BOUBEKEUR. Research fellow, EHESS and ENS in Paris;
  • Gil MIHAELY. Columnist at Yedioth Ahronoth;
  • Robin WRIGHT. Joint fellow at the US Institute of Peace and Woodrow Wilson Center (from Washington).



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