German Freedom Party Leader: Over 3,700 Germans have been murdered by Muslims. The German media remains silent.

[h/t Sharia Unveiled and Blazing Cat Fur] Deutschen Freiheitspartei (German Freedom Party) Leader Michael Stürzenberger Speaks About the Thousands of Germans Murdered by Muslim Immigrants. Over 3,700 innocent German citizens have been murdered by foreigners, mainly Muslims, since 1990 while the German media remains silent about these Muslim hate crimes.

Michael Stürzenberger discusses how the main stream media (MSM) in Germany suppresses stories of German citizens that are murdered by Muslim immigrants. How they hide the details of the perpetrators to deceive the public and protect the Muslims. Although, Michael poignantly illustrates how the media will focus in great detail on cases where a Muslim complains of the slightest thing.

Note: We published a previous report from German police crime statistics that revealed that over 7,500 Germans have been killed in foreign (mainly Muslim dominated) hate crimes in the past decade, while over 3 million had been assaulted. This is more Germans killed by Muslims in their own country than British soldiers dying in Afghanistan. There is not a word mentioned about this in the German media.



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7 thoughts on “German Freedom Party Leader: Over 3,700 Germans have been murdered by Muslims. The German media remains silent.”

  1. Well, Islam is a cancerous ulcer! You cannot get an alert to say the obvious, can you? Well, in the EU where political correctness reign the perpetrators are saved, and the victims are hate speech offenders.

  2. Europe and the media must become more honest and report more honestly about the threat facing us all. I feel truly sorry for Germany.

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