Muslims Arrested In London After FGM Mutilation On Five Week Old Baby

Britain pre-Muslim immigration -1950: Small but potent; ruled more of the world than any existing Empire in history; called “the Empire upon which the sun never sets”; became known for the British ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity; invented 44% of the world’s greatest innovations (invented penicillin, trains, television, telephone, internet, turbojet engines); powerful; founder of some of the world’s greatest achievements in music, arts, literature, and science; so rich from inventions, production and trade they could afford to trade and rule foreign shores; abolished slavery worldwide; banned centuries of sati/wife burning practices in India; fought for equal rights for women; criminalized persecution of gays, children, women, minorities. And Britain never lost a major war.

Britain post-Muslim immigration 2013: Small over-filled Island where the fastest growing name is Mohammed; impoverished, and weak; a nation filled with the highest number honor murders in the Western world; riddled with child sex-grooming gangs; inept; now run by pockets of Sharia no-go zones; a favorite destination for Genital Mutilation practices across Europe; core point to organ trade in Europe; biggest drug trade activity in Europe; the highest dhimmi jizya payees in the world who spend £14+ billion a year from tax monies to pay benefits for muslims; pockets of Muslim cry-zones all across the country; home to over 2,000 mosques; home to 85+ Sharia courts that run parallel to British courts and judge rulings on legalized honor murders, oppression of minorities, marital rape, child abuse and all supported by councils and tax monies; – the list is so sad and endless we will stop here.


Met police arrest two over genital mutilation of baby girl who was only around FIVE WEEKS old

  • The baby was believed to be just five or six weeks old when she was ‘cut’
  • Police hope it will be the first prosecution for secretive and horrific practice
  • Although illegal since 1985, no one has yet been prosecuted

By Sam Webb

PUBLISHED: 13:45, 14 November 2013 | DailyMail

Two people have been arrested over alleged female genital mutilation on a baby girl. In this file picture, a survivor of genital mutilation is seen holding a book on the issue in LondonTwo people have been arrested over alleged female genital mutilation on a baby girl. In this file picture, a survivor of genital mutilation is seen holding a book on the issue in London

Police officers in London have arrested two people over the genital mutilation of a baby girl, it has been reported.

The alleged criminals live in Britain and the baby is believed to have been mutilated at five to six weeks old – believed to be the youngest case reported.

Female genital mutilation involves the cutting or removal of female sexual tissue and has been illegal in the UK since 1985.

However, because a culture of secrecy surrounds the procedure, no one in the UK has ever been prosecuted for the crime, but officers hope this case could lead to the first.

Police have submitted a file to prosecutors but doubts remain because, although the little girl is now a British national, it is not known if she was at the time.

Despite the high number of cases – 80 so far this year – nobody has yet been prosecuted for the practice.

Last month the Crown Prosecution Service said it is studying five case files passed on by the Metropolitan Police.

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders recently said a charge would be made relatively shortly, reports the Evening Standard.

More than 1,500 new cases of female genital mutilation have been revealed by a single London maternity unit and staff admit that other cases could have ‘slipped through the net.’

St George’s hospital in Tooting has treated nearly 200 women a year since it started keeping records on the violent practice, it emerged last month.

While most of the 1,546 victims treated in the hospital’s specialist unit were born in Somalia, disturbing statistics show that at least 11 were born in the UK.

Police have submitted a file to prosecutors but doubts remain because, although she is now a British national, it is not known if she was at the time. File picturePolice have submitted a file to prosecutors but doubts remain because, although she is now a British national, it is not known if she was at the time. File picture


Female genital mutilation, or FGM, is a common practice among some Muslim communities across the middle of Africa, including Somalia, Eritrea, North Sudan and central Mali.

It is also present in Muslim communities in Indonesia, Oman, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

The operation involves cutting or removing of female sexual tissue. It can also involve stitching using silk thread or catgut.

The process is supposed to cleanse the woman of sexual impurity and victims can spend up to 40 days bound from the waist down while healing.

Given that most surgeries are performed by untrained women, commonly aunts of the girls or village matrons, risks include infection, pain, sterility, and death due to blood loss.

The operation is usually performed on children or young girls before entering adolescence, though ages vary from community to community.

Families often club together to fly professional ‘cutters’ to the UK from Africa, after which they perform mutilations on pre-pubescent girls for as little as £40, often without anaesthetic, using blunt knives, razor blades or scalpels.

Due to the nature of the wounds, problems can occur later during childbirth.

While the practice has been illegal in the UK since 1985, there have so far been no prosecutions due in part to victim’s reluctance to come forward, and also because some women do not recognise it as a crime.

The practice is also specifically outlawed in Belgium, Sweden and some US states.

In Africa several nations, including Somalia, have made declarations against the practice though across the continent legislation is patchy and difficult to enforce.


8 thoughts on “Muslims Arrested In London After FGM Mutilation On Five Week Old Baby”

  1. I hope they get a life sentence in prison, absolutely disgusting.
    A baby has no intention in having sex wtf are these people thinking. They need to go and get educated, dumb f**** absolutely gets me so angry.
    I hope the child gets removed from them and all the other kids that they may have, they bloody don’t deserve to have children.
    Given children a choice whether they want to be what they want, not just pushing and shoving.

    It’s soo sad and gets me so frustrated!

  2. It’s Britain. Because they are muslims. they’ll get off easy. Muslims can do almost anything they want in Britain, the government and bobbies protect them.

  3. Yes, the UK’s record is remarkable, however let’s get some perspective.
    The drug penicillin was invented by a German and an Australian, so the Empire scores 50/100, modern TV is not based on Baird’s system, so it’s not really a British invention, the Americans claim the telephone and the internet. Britain wouldn’t have won either WW1 or WW2 without the USA, which probably just delayed the inevitable as it appears that Germany will eventually complete its takeover of the EU, so perhaps, third time lucky.

  4. Admin, where on earth do you get your facts. Liberte, Egalite, Fratenite (minus the accents) are a French ideal, made famous during the revolution of 1789, not British old chap. The British never offered anyone liberty, equality, and brotherhood, least of all the millions of people subjugated into their empire. More like opium addiction,massacres, and concentration camps (British invention), divide and rule. The Army, led by their aristocratic officers, who were well educated thugs, the iron fist in the velvet glove, enslaved half the world filling the officers mess with plunder on the way. Whole countries were raped, pillaged of their national treasures, religious artefacts, natural resources, wealth, and dignity. They never stopped widow burning, or suttee, what you call sati, (wikipedia no doubt, sigh), it was made illegal during Bentinck’s rule, but they couldn’t stop it. Guess who did stop it during their rule in India, yes siree, them nasty, venomous, god damn evil muslims. “The Mohammedan rulers never tolerated this horrible practice in the provinces subject to them” but “The European rulers have tried, by all possible means of persuasion to put an end to this barbarous custom, but it’s efforts have been only partially successful, it has been obliged to shut it’s eye’s to this dreadful practice”. The History of India, A.V.Wiiliamson Ph.D LL.D Prof Columbia Uni. Slavery wasn’t abolished worldwide by the British, and they did lose major wars, the American War of Independence being one of them. You need to put your magic 8 ball away, it’s makin ya look ignorant boy, where you go to get yer schoolin, Texas. Sharia councils do sit in the U.K. and quite a few are not very nice. They do not run parallel to the Magistrate or Crown Courts, they’re decisions are not recognised as legal, and they have never sat in judgement over honour killings. Their are no sharia no go areas in the U.K. Fundamentalism is bad no matter what religion it represents. Look at Andrea Yates, killed all 5 of her children because according to the Bible, she was a bad mother. How about our friends at the Fundamental Church of The Latter Day Saints, Warren Jeffs arranging spiritual marriages between 13 year old girls to older, already married men. Tom Greens marrying 13 year old’s because God told him to, polygamy will lead me to heaven, he said. Ervil LeBaron, child brides and murder. Herbert and Cathy Schaibles, on probation for killing 2 year old son Kent, they let him die because their pastor at 1st Century Gospel which doesn’t believe in medicine, told them faith and prayer will heal. Unbelievably this pair of dumb rednecks let a second son die, 7 month old Brandon, the neighbours heard him wailing in agony. Both children died of pneumonia, and dehydration. They never even gave them water, the sick bastards. David Koresh, Branch Davidian, knocking up 12 year olds. Dena Schloser, cut her 10 month old babies arms off singing hymns as she did God’s work. The baby died next day. The list goes on and on. 100’s more of similar stories. Fundamentalism in reference to religion was first used in the U.S.A. in the 1920’s and 30’s by Christian Evangelists. Before you go slinging mud at other countries, and religions have a good sniff at what goes on in your own country. I haven’t even mentioned Scientology, that totally legal “religion” in the U.S.A.

    1. You must be masturbating to the mountain of distorted propaganda you abide by. Interesting that you compare mad criminals who were sentenced for crimes with a sick, deranged pedo-prophet who never faced prison or hanging for his crimes.

      1. Yet more personal attacks, because you know you cannot refute the facts that are here before you, how sad. I’m not comparing anyone to anything, I’m pointing out that extremist views and behaviour can crop up in any religion. It’s interesting that you cannot see this, and are seeing what you want to see. Google any name, or the book I quote from, and you will find websites that will back all my ponts, I’m positive in fact I know there is nothing Iv’e said you can refute. Can you do the same, provide me with sources, websites, books that can back your claims. Please educate me, oh I forgot you have already told me that your not an educator, which kind of contradicts the purpose of your website. I thought you where here to educate everyone to the evils of Islam, please make your mind up, bigots are usually stupid, and you will be confusing your fans something terrible. What Sharia council sat in judgement over the honour killing,what was the victims name, the killers name, when did this happen. There has to be websites, newspapers that have the details, tell me what they are. What cites have these Sharia no-go zones, you must know. Come on man put me down, give your fellow bigots something to holler about. You can’t can you, because you made it up, you will sneak off with your tail between your legs,like you did when I pulled you over Cicero, probably throw a stupid confused comment , or make another sad personal attack. Talking about paedophiles, or pedo’s as you put it, have you read the Bible, Numbers 31:7-18 Moses telling the Israelites to murder boys, and women who have slept wih men, you may keep the girl virgins for yourself, those that are under 3 years and one day old, over this age and they can be betrothed through sexual intercourse, what Paedophilia in the Bible. Yes, along with kidnap and rape of women Judges 21:10-24.Eating faeces, and drinking urine 2 Kings 18:27, and Isaiah 36:12. Last, but not least Genesis 19:33-36 when Lot’s daughter’s decide on a bit of incestuous date rape. They are soon pregnant with Daddy’s own chidren.My God, this is the book the President of the U.S.A. swears his oath on, may just as well be Penthouse, or Fifty Shades of Grey.

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