Al-Qaeda’s Recruitment Campaign: Images Of Smiling Dead Terrorists

al-Qaeda wants Muslims to believe the postmortem rigamortis is a ‘smile’ to feed superstitions acts of terrorism makes muslims reach Jannah (heaven) full of virgins. Bear in mind terrorist corpses only started ‘smiling’ in late 2012 or early 2013. Sometimes right after death the body starts convulsing as it releases oxygen and muscles begin to relax which could in turn cause movement. Nothing happens during rigamortis, but when that time ends the muscles will again relax and could cause movement many days after a corpse is deceased. Smiling requires muscles and since the muscles relax it cannot be maintained. However, if the head is a bit lifted you could die with your mouth closed and when rigamortis sets in the side muscles of the mouth could make you to appear to be smiling when they stiffen. Also, before embalming, someone could force a smile on a corpse for the funeral.

No Jannah or smiling faces of these terrorists killed in Peshawar, Pakistan on February 24, 2012.

No smiles on the faces of these terrorists killed in Syria.

Terrorists where their corpses have been forced into a smile – a new trend since only 2012-2013 – to lure muslims to join terrorism in suicide missions and imagine they will reach Jannah. In rigormortis this can be artificially created by merely pulling the cheeks back and will then remain frozen after a certain point of rigormortis. A bit suspect that they managed to have so many pictures of ‘suicide bombers’. Their skin color still look fresh indicating some of them are not dead.

The smiling corpse of Joseph of Vatopaidi (2009). This is most likely where this new muslim propaganda idea came from. Terrorists only began smiling in 2013, so they got the idea recently.

You can’t deny they don’t have a natural talent for PR and marketing. Muslim propaganda has shaped much of the world’s most brutal history. Muslims should really consider setting up schools and Universities in marketing training. First, they invented the “Islam beheads kindly” campaign to attract more positive press since people were feeling aversion against Islamic terrorism. And now they come up with “The happy, smiling dead terrorist” campaign to attract more suicide bombers.

Can’t wait what they’ll come up with next.

Al-Qaeda Affiliates Post Smiling Faces of Fighters Killed in Syria on Social Media to Recruit Volunteers

See the video here:


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