Can a woman be Muslim and a feminist?

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I am a Muslim and a Feminist – The Feminist eZine

It is all very well to be a muslim feminist when living under the protection of a Western society,but I very much doubt these sentiments would be acceptable or even safe to voice in most Islamic societies!


It is astonishing that “Muslims”, and Muslim women, are so frequently spoken about as a monolithic block. If you actually listen to what Muslim women have to say on the subject, you find that many of them have no difficulty reconciling their faith with their conviction that they, as women, should be equal citizens.

 Islam and feminism? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Of course you can’t be a Muslim and a feminist. That’s like saying you can be a Ku Klux Klan member and an anti-fascist.

That’s just a small sample of the responses I got on…

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2 thoughts on “Can a woman be Muslim and a feminist?”

  1. One can be a “nominal” Muslim — usually born into it — and if living in a free society, has the luxury to live and believe in any manner desired.. However, feminism is a concept that is at polar odds with Islam. To say “I am a Muslim feminist is essentially saying, “I’m not a “good” Muslim, but a rebellious one that wants to have it both ways.” If Islam is ascendant here and, God forbid, ultimately wins out and freedom and democracy loses, she’ll either be a Muslim that’s going to change real quick or probably a dead Muslim.

  2. In a word, “No.” One canNOT be a muslim AND a feminist. The two ideologies are absolutely mutually exclusive — even if some delusional knuckleheads believe they can hold both (opposing) ideologies in their heart at the same time. That’s like asking if one can be a civil rights activist AND an active, participating member of the KKK. Yes. It. Is.

    And yes… I have read the qur’an and many of muhammad’s (piss be upon him) hadiths, so I am not speaking from an uninformed position.

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