Your Daily Muslim: Yasmin el-Beih

Your Daily Muslim

Compared to most of the seventh-century primitives I feature on here, Egyptian Muslimah Yasmin el-Beih is surprisingly modern and westernized. She’s an ardent feminist and supporter of LGBT equality, and doesn’t even wear the ridiculous Islamic ninja costume. She’s even proudly single, sexually liberated, and educated. Why is she on here, then, if she’s a shining example of Muslims making progress toward cultural modernization? Because of this site. When she stumbled upon YDM one day, apparently her period prematurely began and she became uncharacteristically spiteful toward the truth. Here are some screencaps from her Twitter of her (over)reaction to the uncomfortable truths of her religion I write about.

yasmin el beih disgusting

Her reaction to YDM didn’t end there, either. She writes for Prime Cairo, an online magazine focusing on cultural matters relevant to Egypt’s capitol. Of course, she saw a prime (no pun intended) opportunity to whine about “Islamophobia” and paint Muslims as…

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