(Video) Inside Briman Prison In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Looks a bit full…

You can rent mobiles for one hour in the prison for 50 riyals ($4) and buy almost any drugs you want.

Now that you have seen the video, you can see the official government photo of the prison. Do you find much similarities?

This is the flowery media description from Arab News:

“Briman Prison will soon open a recently completed quarantine facility for inmates. To augment this, the health care unit, a neighboring facility, has been equipped with the latest technology to examine the inmates and provide them needed medical care. The new unit was built mainly to prevent the spread of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases among the prison community.”

The final touches are being made to the two-story quarantine unit next to the health care unit. “It is designed to accommodate 24 inmates at a time,” said the prison’s medical officer, Maj. Raid Al-Qahtani. “The unit will open very soon.”

The prison has about 6,000 inmates.

The quarantine area has been designed for inmates who have tuberculosis or tested HIV positive.

“Development of prison facilities is an ongoing process; it does not stop. An assessment is made of any situation and the problems are then solved,” said Gen. Ahmed Al-Zahrani, the director of prisons in Jeddah.



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