Where are all the 1.3 mil ‘Palestinians’ in this 1913 Videoclip from Palestine?

Where are all the 1.3 million Palestinians who was supposed to lived in Palestine in 1880 before Israel, the lost holy land of the Jews, was granted back to the Jews? That means that by 1913 there should have been roughly 2 million Palestinians in the region since their population growth is extensive. Had the region only had a tiny percentage of Jews and a massive Palestinian population, it would have been impossible not to capture them on film. But they are nowhere to be found.

French adventurer, writer, photographer and traveler Félix Bonfils (1831-1885) took over 15,000 photographs from Egypt and across the Middle East from mid to late 1800’s.  Bonfils photographs show Christians and Jews in Israel/British Mandate of Palestine, and a few traveling bedouines and occasional left over stranglers of the Ottomans, but no “Palestinians”. He took pictures from important festivals and even then did not manage to find all the “Palestinians” we are lead to believe to have lived there. Would muslims stay away from important religious festivals in Palestine? The Dome of the Rock is suppose to be an “important place of worship” for muslims, yet they were absent even from The Dome of the Rock.

Of course these militant terrorists are nowhere to be found! They only arrived in Palestine, and illegally so, around 1936 to commit terrorism.

This videoclip did not manage to capture any footage of “Palestinians”. Fact: Palestinians are invading terrorists, and nothing else.


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