Muslim Immigrant Rapes 9 Women in 2 Days in Bern Switzerland

sharia unveiled

Switzerland Bern Rapist

‘..He preferred the daughters, some as young as 14 and attacked them first..’

by, Das Tages Anzeiger | h/t Cheradenine Zakalwe – Islam versus Europe

In just two nights, a 22-year-old asylum seeker in Bern attacked nine women. One of them he attacked while jogging and pushed it into the Aare river. Now the man is on trial .

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He can not remember. Anyway, he claims that “I do not remember. I was drunk.”  This sentence was repeated by the 22-year-old accused whenever he had apparently became entangled in contradictions and it was pointed out by the Court President .

He can not remember? In return, the nine women remember very well about what the man, an asylum seeker from Morocco, from early in the morning and at night 12 May 13, 2012 has done . In the most serious case, the man penetrated in Bern in…

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