Mentally Ill Abandoned On City Streets In Saudi Arabia

Hm…. So the whole population all live outside then? Explains why they are so accustomed to tents. They are basically full of Jinns. Maybe they should try a Jinn & Tonic to chill out a bit?

Urgent care needed for mentally ill abandoned on city streets

One of the 1.5 billion mentally ill muslims in this world.


Published — Sunday 10 November 2013

We often see them out on the streets, walking around and talking to themselves, with their hands waving in the air making incomprehensible gestures.

These are people with mental illnesses abandoned by their families. They are severely sunburned and wear old threadbare clothes.

Abdul Salam Al-Wabel, deputy supervisor of Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health in Dammam, said people suffering from severe mental illnesses need special care.

“But sometimes patients refuse to take their medication resulting in them losing complete control (over their behavior).”

Al-Wabel said these people need care from their families. “All family members should keep talking to them with love and care.”

He said people should not neglect family members suffering from mental problems because this would see them pushed out onto the streets.

“Sometimes security patrols find such people on the streets in unusual conditions and then bring them to us. If we cannot find their parents, we keep them in our facility as unknown persons. Our social workers try to find out as much information as possible about them.”

Mentally ill man in Afghanistan chained to his ‘bed’.

This is a common treatment of mentally ill people in Islamic countries.

However, the hospital does not have enough beds. “So we are forced to let some of them go when their condition improves.”

To solve this problem, he said Al-Amal was building a 300-bed facility.

“It will be completed soon. The old building will be a rest house for the mentally ill,” he said.
Many citizens here say they have come across people in the streets who appear to have some kind of mental illness.

This happened to Husain Muhammad recently: “I was standing at a traffic light when such a person crossed the street in front of me. Suddenly he stopped and started beating on my window. I locked my door and waited anxiously for the light to turn green so I could get away.”

Ahmad Adnan, a restaurant owner in the city, said a person who eats at his place often makes no sense when he speaks. “I don’t know his name or address. But sometimes, when he speaks normally, I think he is just acting, playing a role,” he said.

Yahya Al-Najrani said he sometimes comes across a child wearing “strange clothes,” and chains and metal bracelets on his arms. “When I asked him his name one time, he said he was Bob Marley, the American singer.”


3 thoughts on “Mentally Ill Abandoned On City Streets In Saudi Arabia”

  1. Not to heap on the immense problems of the mentlly unstable but one must wonder about their numbers and how many came from the propensity of Muslims to breed with family members.

    The callous Saudi rulers should quit building mosques in the USA, (900 since 2000) and sending immigrants here to fill them, and spend more money on their own needy.

    And Obama needs to heed our own homeless and our own mentally disturbed and quit encouraging millions of radical Muslims to come here and drain our already drained resources that should go to needy Americans first.

    But, he is beholden to his masters, and the Saudi’s have his ear and our money.

    1. They don’t spend any money at all on their own needy, so that begs to question: why do they send “aid” to foreign countries? What’s on the fine line at the bottom of the page, the print so small no one can read it?

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