French Woman Talks About Muslim Problems In Her Country

Please note, this is not a French reality alone…What is happening in France is happening already all around Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.

These countries are under a real covered and uncovered, direct and indirect attacks by muslims and Islam.

Please watch the video and let it communicate with your heart and mind. (English subtitles)

Muslims in France – continued takeover: Marie-Neige Sardin, who shows a 20 inch pile of police complaints, is the last French native to be living at the centre of le Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis, zone 93). She bears witness to the daily nightmare that she lives through and have witnessed over the years: threats, attacked, beatings, tortured, rape, by ruffneck Muslims, to the indifference of the police and French justice. [Watch the muslim savage aggressively argue 6:32 outside her shop that Christian decorations she is selling is “provocation” and demanding it to be removed. The military need to step in an nuke these koranimals]. She tells how Muslims have even decapitated Jewish statues at the cemetery.


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