The Evolution Of Islam

Not much has changed…

Note the baby burka.


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  1. Beautiful analogy, a story of a “religion” that crawled out of a swamp centuries ago and has declined for 1400 years since. The most ignorant clergy in the world reads the Quran and never opens another book.

    1. Fairytales.

      What is the “Islamic golden age”? It’s the division and unraveling of all the booty from muslim invasions, slaughters, mass murders, and theft of discoveries originating with other cultures and peoples.

      Not a single one of the people you mentioned from the “Islamic golden age” has invented or done anything except copy, paste and translate kafir works into Arabic, and then put their own authorship on them. One author and scientist from the middle ages (Holmyard) clearly understood the origin of Arab “innovations” :”…they were written by a European scholar….they are the product of an occidental rather than an oriental mind”

      — Ibn-e-Sina (Avicenna) copied Christian and Hindu innovations by translating Greco-Roman, Persian, and Indian texts that he studied extensively. He tried to grasp the Metaphysics of Aristotle ad put his own signature on other people’s theories that had existed hundreds of years prior.

      — Al-Razi is another copycat who translated Ancient Persian, Greek and Ancient Indian medical knowledge. Even his philosophies was plagiarism taken from the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato, and medicines from pre-Islamic Persian and Chinese discovery.
      Razi was well-trained in ancient Greek science and philosophy. He didn’t come up with any discoveries of his own but built his career on copying kafirs.

      — al-Khwārizmi, again another translator of kafir innovations, built his work on the Indian numerals based on older Indian or Greek sources and then stamped his own name on kafir knowledge. He spread the Indian system of numeration throughout the Middle East and Europe, pretending it was his own. He also studied the sciences and mathematic translation of Greek and Sanskrit scientific manuscripts. His work was based on Persian and Babylonian astronomy, Indian numbers, and Greek mathematics. No actual invention or knowledge of his own.

      — Jābir ibn Hayyān widely copied his work from Christian Greek alchemists Zosimos, Democritus, Hermes Trismegistus, Agathodaimon, but also Plato, Aristotle, Galen, Pythagoras, and Socrates as well as the commentators Alexander of Aphrodisias Simplicius, Porphyry and others.
      Even in the middle ages they suspected wide plagiarism and on scientist wrote in the middle ages: “The general impression they convey is that they are the product of an occidental rather than an oriental mind, and a likely guess would be that they were written by a European scholar”.(Holmyard).

      And because muslims have never been the original innovators of anything, they cannot innovate a thing even to this day. Eventually false and copied knowledge on someone else’s theories and studies wear thin and dissipate. That is why the Islamic golden age never repeated itself. After discovering all the wealth, knowledge, innovations and progress made by the kafirs, translating them and trying to understand them – muslims have progressed nowhere with a thought and creativeness of their own.

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