The Complete List Of Muslim Inventions


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    1. don’t believe that. In fact, because of christ, we’re 1,500 years behind schedule in terms of inventing. Ignore those simple people you listen to. They are brainwashing you in a terrible way. Because of their ‘christ’, we as a people have also burnt our best minds at the stake. Time to bury him finally.

      1. The only thing that catapulted “us” backwards was the invasions, looting and mass murdered committed under the umbrella of Islam which forced us to start all over again,

      1. I read an article a year or so ago that Muslims who have been bombed, or hurt run to the doctors in Israel to patch them up. They leave without paying them anything…go back to their own country as victims of the war OR those fighting in the war.
        I know this sounds strange…but that is a very Christ-like way to be. They are truly very blessed and special people to do that to those who are trying to destroy their country.

      2. They’re always exploiting the Israeli’s, because Hamas don’t spend much funds on the people – only on the leaders and on weapons.
        Israel also provides mobile food and medical services. Such a tiny country gives so much while rich Arab nations only contribute towards murders. That’s the difference between muslims and humanity.

      3. Ooooo, I did not know that. G-d Bless Israel.
        I have no clue why I felt such an affinity for Israel but I do. As an adult (age 54) when I was in Graduate School listening to a very boring lecture, I’d sit and “doodle” on my tablet as though I was taking notes (lol).
        I was continuously drawing a Star of David with A Cross posited on top of it. In my mind, …like saying, Christ Fulfilled the Law of Moses and GREW from that.

        I didn’t know any Jewish people….I didn’t understand except…I had such a deep abiding respect for Israel.

      4. Feed them, clothe them, provide medical care and even asylum to persecuted muslim minorities. They also run jihad deprogramming therapy since so many muslims try and blow themselves up in their country. No death penalty for them. In return the muslims hate them, attack them in their own country, bomb them. Muslims are despicable vile animals.

      5. This may sound strange…they seem to have a love and respect for humanity that I think of as being “Christ-Like.”
        They bless those they come in contact with and with great care, they heal them… Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

      6. They do seem to have a Christian response to their adversaries. No wonder Christ was Jewish, although they denied him.
        Judaism and Buddhism is an offshoot of Hinduism. Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism. Sikhism is a creation by the Sikh crusaders who fought Islam.
        And Islam is purely plagiarism of fragmented bits and pieces from Judaism, paganism and the old Testament, with half newly written with their own interpretation and the ‘prophet’s brutal life story and laws as the inspiration.

      7. I went back to school late in life. I was 50 when I started back. I was sitting in class one day…bored out of my mind at the OLD knowledge being taught vs. new.
        I was doodling on my note taking pad.

        I drew a Star of David…then I drew a Cross over it….since Jesus came to fulfill the Laws of Moses….that was the thing on my mind.

        I finally sat down and drew it and framed it to go over my monitor at my computer desk.
        Two Christmas(s) ago, I opened, a present from my daughter. She had it cast in some kind of led molding with stain glass. It is so beautiful. On each side of the sculpture are two angels.

        My precious daughter did that for me.

      8. Also on the wall is a small portrait of a life size copper sculpture of Colonel Travis (Civil War)…”Hold the Line.”
        I got it at the McKinney County Courthouse (Texas). In person, it was breath-taking. Full size…the “sun-light” window in the ceiling made the brass look as though it sparkled.

        I LOVE MY WALL.!

    1. They have never invented anything – except perhaps the suicide bomb. Their inventions were objects of acquisition belonging to their victims from their many looting sprees. And visuals “created” by muslims were actually contracted assignments given to kafir slaves who already possessed the knowledge they were seeking. They pretty much did then exactly what they do now: outsource for skills.

      1. Excuse me for LOL…I think I found out why a few weeks ago. I read an article written by a man in the Military. He was very frustrated trying to teach them how to use the weapons to fight their own battles and to help them also.
        He explained it over and over and over again…and they couldn’t retain the information. More than likely, blowing yourself up is a whole lot easier than learning how to use a weapon so you can sty alive!

      2. It’s a wonderful solution. They should export this singular invention of theirs to the entire muslim world and practice in all the mosques… especially during Ramadan.

      3. I understand the hostility and agree that many of the supposedly Islamic inventions were developed from technology already existing in conquered regions, but if you select for strictly Arab regions, I found that Muslim chemists developed improved methods of distillation that allowed them to create such useful chemicals as citric and nitric acid, kerosene and naphta. Before the digital GPS, almost all of our survey equipment was based on Islamic inventions. The oldest copper pipes are found in North Africa.

        The most influential Islamic invention, however, is coffee drinking.

      4. They say coffee comes from Africa before it reached Arabia via the slave trade.
        Copper was used in Indian art hundreds of years before Mohammed was even born. And navigation is said to originate with the Chinese and Greeks. It’s basically, imitation and nothing else. And it makes sense because Islam is the youngest religion in the world that came into being when other parts of humanity were far more evolved. Islam originated from tribal bedouines who could not read or write.. hardly science material.

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