Nazis at the Border: The Rise of Islamic Nazism in the Palestinian Territory of Israel and the Western Nations That Fund it

sharia unveiled

Nazis in Palestine 2

Muslim Nazis at Al-Quds University in the West Bank

by, Raheem Kassam | Trending Central – h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Western governments pump billions of dollars, pounds and euros in aid into the Palestinian territories, with much of that money going to “infrastructure” or “education” projects.

If you’re ok with foreign aid, then you probably think that’s not such a bad idea.

Except practically speaking, our taxpayers’ money is not simply going into paying teachers and building schools, it is also going into supporting a hateful, fascist ideology that seeks to wipe the only legitimate and functioning democracy in the region off the map.

Is this spin? Am I embellishing?

Have a look at these images from the Al Quds University in the West Bank, which were published by Tom Gross yesterday.

It seems that utilising Western-funded campuses for shows of fascist power are commonplace too. Gross reports:

“Al-Quds is…

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