Muslim sex abusing imam in Iowa argues that charges violate his ‘human rights’

Where is the highest percentage of sex abuse, legalized rape, incest, sex assault and internet porn in the world? In Muslim countries, as our previous reports have revealed. All that bending to Allah is doing nothing to humanize or improve these evil and debased people. An attorney for a Des Moines Islamic leader charged with sexual abuse and exploitation has asked a judge to drop two of the charges, arguing that they violate the man’s religious freedom.

From Freedom Outpost

Des Moines, Iowa Islamic leader Nermin Spahic is facing one count of third-degree sexual abuse and two counts of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist following claims that a 42 year old woman and her 18 year old daughter’s claims that they were sexually assaulted by him during a religious ceremony. So now he is claiming that sexual abuse charges violates religious freedom.

Nermin Spahic is an imam at the Des Moines Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak. The alleged sexual abuse occurred back in August 2013.

The Des Moines Register reports:

An attorney for a Des Moines Islamic leader charged with sexual abuse and exploitation is asking a judge to drop two of the charges, arguing that they violate the man’s religious freedom.

In a motion to dismiss filed last week in Polk County District Court, Des Moines defense attorney Angela Campbell argued that Nermin Spahic, 40, had never met the two women who accused him of sexual abuse before the day of a religious ceremony that led to his arrest. The motion also says that Spahic never claimed to offer “mental health services” or counseling.

Iowa law spells out that counselors and therapists are barred from “sexual conduct” with patients. But because Spahic never had a formal relationship with the two women, using his religious position to charge him should be unconstitutional, Campbell argued in the motion.

“The ceremony he was performing was not psychotherapy, nor was it counseling,” the motion said. “The sexual exploitation charges are therefore necessarily based on his religious identity and the religious nature of his relationships to the accusers.”

Additionally, there’s no evidence that the two women were “emotionally dependent” upon Spahic, the motion said. Spahic will also argue he is not guilty on the sexual abuse charge at trial.

Spahic’s argument is a common legal tactic used by defendants charged with crimes based on their profession, said Robert Rigg, the criminal defense program director at the Drake University Law School.

The woman on Aug. 12 called Spahic to her house in Johnston for help with her daughter, who reportedly suffered personal issues, including depression and drug use, police and court papers said. Spahic allegedly performed an Islamic ceremony that involved “chanting and rubbing the body with oil,” court papers said.

The mother of the girl told investigators that her daughter did have a “history of mental illness and deception.”

Spahic’s supporters however, tell another story. They claim that Spahic simply engaged in a ritual ceremony.

Founder of the Des Moines Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak Elvedin Sivac says that Spahic “doesn’t deserve this.”

Sivac came to the United States in 2005 and has known Spahic since that time.

Sivac claims that the ceremony being performed was a sihr. Islamic sources indicate that sihr has to do with magic and that it is used in various ways, including in a sort of exorcism, at least from the claims of Sivac. He

While Sivac claims that oil is applied to the body while the Qur’an is read, several texts from Islamic books and hadiths indicate that “magic,” which includes incantations, medicines, smoke, mist and oils, masked as “healing,” are haraam (unlawful) and kufr (disbelief). So one wonders whether Spahic is engaging in demonic activity (even according to Islamic teaching) or whether Sivac is engaging in taqiyya.

Another of Spahic’s supporters, Nijaz Besic claims that Spahic also performed the ceremony on his wife and daughter and claims that he does not believe the accusations against Spahic. [Isn’t it strange that only women seem to be in need of this ‘ceremony’.]

Spahic bonded out of the Polk County Jail after his arrest and is scheduled for trial on Dec. 2. The mother and daughter have issued a no contact order against him.

My perspective is that Islam is a demonic religion and that its founder was demon possessed. I believe the teachings of the Qur’an are doctrines of demons and I believe the historical record of Islam demonstrates that.

The interesting thing in all of this is that the charges against Spahic are asked to be dropped because it violates the Islamic religion (ie. Spahic’s religious freedom). Does that strike anyone else as odd? How can charging someone with what is determined to be a violation of the law (ie. Sexual abuse) be considered a violation of Islamic religion? The only thing I can get from that is the twisted thinking of Islamic doctrine concerning how Islamic men are allowed to treat women via Sharia law. Islamists don’t care for American law. They have their own and they are hell bent on making light of American law in order to enforce Sharia, as demonstrated earlier this year by a director for CAIR Herman Mustafa Carroll when he said, “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.”

Well, if Islamists are above the law of the land, why are they then appealing to the law of the land to dismiss charges of sexual abuse? I’ll tell you. They use the law to cloak themselves when it suits them and then when they don’t agree with it, they think they are above it. Taqiyya at its finest!

Perhaps this is merely akin to not being able to prosecute 9/11 Muslim jihadists because it violates their religious freedom. What say you?


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  1. Reblogged this on My views on Obama and his religion Islam and commented:
    This is a disturbing and annoying case where the sexual deviant actions of a Muslim cleric are “justified” by HIS religion. He is an American citizen and is subject to OUR laws. Hiding behind his religion violates my right to kick this asshats’ butt out of this country for being a sexual predator!

  2. The whole Muslim concept of sex is offensive. They don’t allow boys and girls to grow up interacting as normal people. Restraint isn’t really something they are taught. And the cousin marriages are really bad, especially when they marry a double cousin. As far as DNA is concerned you are either reproducing with a half sibling or a full sibling. Now the age of a bride is determined by how much weight the child bride can withstand? And a man can legally have goodbye sex with his late wife for a certain amount of hours after death. Most of your little boys in Muslim schools are also being raped. More of them than not. Mohammad allowed just enough of Christian truth into his own religion to acknowledge Jesus as born from a virgin and will be the returning Messiah. But denied Him as the Savior, Son of God who died on the cross. Instead Mohammed proclaimed himself as the Holy Spirit or Comforter promised by Jesus?? So basically, he used Christianity, which was spreading rapidly during this time to assert himself as an equal to Jesus. Islam declares men as being more holy then women. Mohammad’s last wife was a 6 yr old cousin whom he “fully” penetrated when she was 9. She was still being sexually molested for the first 3 years just not “fully”. Yeah, they do have some sexual guilt issues that strangely enable them rights to rape and incest. And the inbred DNA from constant cousin marriages seem to keep them from acquiring the natural growth evolution of progressive free thinking individuals? And people really believe 19 cave dwelling men with this brain power managed to infiltrate our country and plan, without anyone’s direction, the mass destruction of 9-11?

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