Saudi’s fail to block our video revealing abuse of foreign workers

You may have recalled our report on Saudi abuse of foreign workers, where an Indian/Bangladeshi man was beaten on video for walking into the room of his employer, while his wife was present?

The YouTube video (below) had to be uploaded again and again on different accounts because it got deleted many times a single day and our account was blocked in ‘violation of YouTube guidelines’. Know one thing: Muslims hide behind fake profiles all over the internet and they are PAID to churn out as much distortions and propaganda as they can.We have been monitoring this for quite sometime now. Often the ip comes from some muslim country. Other times from the west – but the written content is very similar, the argument remain the same so you can almost find them by monitoring online debates.

Muslims are paid to churn out lies and propaganda online

One example of this is the fake “Dzhokhar Tsarnev is innocent” campaigns where muslims pretended to be American teenage girls, and tried to create a social media following to defend the “innocent” terrorist. It’s a type of psychological marketing used by the Nazi’s where you convince your reader by endless lies that are repeated again and again.

They operate systematically all over social media and the internet committing this kind of guerrilla marketing paid through funding support from the middle east, often arranged and dispersed via muslim organizations, mosques, and muslim student associations. The main worker in this kind of hidden guerrilla marketing employment is muslim University students. These muslims are paid to take on various non-muslim aliases – always with end goal that ‘Peter’ or ‘Mark’ condemns the West and indirectly get muslims to look innocent and victims of someone else. Any opposition is immediately attacked full force.

TellMama’s fabricated anti-Muslim attacks that never were

Another very popular strategy of theirs is to use images of muslim murders of muslims, especially children, and post them as ‘American’, ‘Western’ or ‘Israeli murders’. They also post fake reports on ‘hate crimes against muslims’ and many other topics that always lean to portray muslims as victims of someone else, as people subject to injustice. You may recall the article about TellMoma [“Measuring Anti Muslim Attacks”] after Lee Rigby was beheaded in broad daylight in London? This amateurish organization run by Fiyaz Mughal. which receives £214,000 a year from the UK Government to monitor “anti-Muslim attacks” in Britain, made media headlines with their dramatic crybaby report on escalating hate crimes against muslims.

In the middle of the tragedy with Lee Rigby’s savage and brutal muslim murder, before his body was even cold, the muslims had to exploit the situation to get press coverage for their pity moment. This is what Tell Mama cried to the press: “The scale of the backlash is astounding … there has been a massive spike in anti-Muslim prejudice. A sense of endemic fear has gripped Muslim communities.” And it doesn’t end there. The drama gets even more intense: “I do not see an end to this cycle of violence. There is an underlying Islamophobia in our society and the horrendous events in Woolwich have brought this to the fore.”

The press re-published this Islamo-jibberish all over. But it backfired when one reporter at the Telegraph begin investigating these “statistics” and discovered that “The Met [Metropolitan Police] said there were no cases reported to it where any more serious injury resulted.” Nor had there been any actual hate crimes committed against muslims in-spite of the Lee Rigby jihad brutality. Tell Mama’s Twitter feed reported one incident, of a Muslim woman “knocked unconscious” in Bolton, but the local police said they had no knowledge of this and did not believe it happened. People, muslims are liars an full of Taqqiyya from birth to death. Don’t trust them for anything. In the U.S. FBI reports have contradicted muslim claims of ‘increased hate crimes’ that never happened.

Another form of reversed guerilla marketing muslims use is the Myanmar reports which are now being aped by the media, where Rohingya terrorists are portrayed as some poor innocent asylum seekers and minorities who are persecuted by Burmese Buddhists ‘for no reasons whatsoever’.

Know that these methods are very common and you will come across them almost every time there is a news report relating to the Middle East or muslims.

When the Saudi’s targeted TMI with false ‘content violation’ reports, they obviously didn’t know that we know how to appeal these muslim attacks. And we also know fake inquiries from hackers emailed to us (we get plenty of those) trying to grab our isp or block us.

That reminds us: where is that hack attacked promised on us??? Mussies promised to hack into our accounts and close them “within 5 days”. It’s been two months now. Pretty tall words for a bunch of fanatics!

sIsco S - YouTube 2013-11-06 21-41-17

youTube--Decision on your Video Appeal

Muslim propaganda machine in action.

Infographic TELL MAMA Teesside report

The “anti muslim hate crimes” reported by Tell Mama, a muslim organization funded by the government to collect statistics on hate crimes, turned out to be nothing but fairytale inventions.


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