Muslims killing muslims: 3,000 Afghans killed in seven months

It’s always such good news to hear there are less of them in this world! Time to celebrate.


Taliban attacks killed 3,000 Afghans in seven months: Interior Ministry

Taliban militants in Afghanistan

Taliban militants in Afghanistan
Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:31PM GMT  |  PressTV (Iran)
Militant attacks have claimed lives of nearly 3,000 people across war-ravaged Afghanistan over the past seven months, Interior Ministry says.

This comes after Taliban militants and their associated militant groups carried out nearly 6000 attacks in different regions of the violence-wracked country.

Chief of the Afghan police forces at Afghan Interior Ministry, Gen. Salim Ehsas said on Tuesday that 2052 security personnel and 856 civilians have lost their lives in deadly bombings and assaults.

The senior official also added that more than 5,000 others were also injured as a result of the ongoing violence.

Roadside bombs and improvised explosive devices are by far the most lethal weapons Taliban militants use against Afghan forces, foreign troops, and civilians.

In late April, the Taliban announced the start of their annual “spring offensive” against US-led and Afghan forces, vowing a new wave of attacks across Afghanistan.

The militant group said it would use “every possible tactic” to inflict casualties on Afghan and US-led forces. They specifically mentioned insider attacks, and bomb attacks.

Moreover, latest official figures also show Afghan forces backed by US-led troops have killed at least 2,168 Taliban militants and detained 1,720 others during 1800 security operations across the militancy-wracked country during this period.

Local Afghan security forces are increasingly taking the lead in security operations ahead of the expected withdrawal of US forces next year.

The US-led war in Afghanistan removed the Taliban from power, but insecurity continues to rise across the country, despite the presence of many US-led troops there.



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