UK study reveals Immigrants from outside EU take £100billion more in benefits than they paid back in taxes

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How migrants from outside Europe leave a £100billion hole in the public purse: Amount taken in benefits and services is 14% higher than money put back

  • Major study tracks cost and contributions of migrants over 16-year period
  • It finds migrants from outside Europe cost a lot more than they give back
  • But migrants from East and West Europe are a net benefit to Exchequer

By Steve Doughty

PUBLISHED: 00:32, 5 November 2013 |  DailyMail

Immigrants from outside Europe have taken £100billion more in benefits and services than they paid back in taxes, a major study revealed yesterday.

Over a 16-year period, the bill to the taxpayer of providing them with welfare, health and education was 14 per cent higher than the money they put in the national purse.

However, migrants from Europe – including those from Eastern Europe who came in large numbers after 2004 – have paid more…

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