Britain launch first Muslim Scout troop for kids

The new Scout group enjoys the launch day at Fan Wood.

A new Scout troop for Muslim children has been launched in Heckmondwike.

From Dewsbury Reporter


Two years ago, with the help of the Muslim Scout fellowship, Dewsbury’s Ansaar Organisation paired up with the Heavy Woollen District Scouts to form a second Cub Pack at Heckmondwike.

The pack has met on Sunday mornings since April 2011 and the numbers have continued to grow.

There are now around 25 Cubs in the pack – boys and girls – enjoying fun activities such as camping, fishing, kayaking, den building and climbing.

The Cub pack has been so successful that now the 1st Heckmondwike group has launched a new Scout troop, again on a Sunday morning to make Scouting accessible to Muslim children.

Over 50 children from the group attended an activity day at Fan Wood, Gomersal, to launch the new troop. They were joined by the Mayor of Kirklees Coun Martyn Bolt, UK Commissioner for Scouting Wayne Bulpitt, regional commissioner Vicki Pearson and County Commissioner Mark Stageman.

Wayne said: “My experience at the launch left me truly inspired and convinced at the realistic prospects of us achieving Scouting for all, a key element of our Vision 2018 in terms of growth and reflecting our local communities.”

District Commissioner Ian Womersley added: “We are determined to ensure that Scouting is accessible to all our communities to ensure all young people who wish to be part of the Scouting adventure are given the opportunity to do so.”


0 thoughts on “Britain launch first Muslim Scout troop for kids”

  1. Moment!

    When I was in “the Scouts” (LOOOONG time ago!), the idea was, that it was open to ALL beliefs. (60s/70s)

    We had sihks, Jews, christians, muslims, Buhdists, even Shintoists, and me, a Germanic Heathen, from all over the world (Liverpool was always strange. 🙂 )

    But now they need their own groups, and are attempting to “join” with the rest?

    That, in my opinion, is TOTALY against the “scouting” ethos.

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