(Video) Muslims try to gang up on a Russian man in Moscow

Watch what happens.

These Russians are marching far ahead of us in common sense. In September a Russian court in Novorossiysk (North of the Black Sea) announced that the “Semantic translation of the holy Quran in Russian Language” was an extremist book. Based on their assessment they decided to ban the Qur’an! Couldn’t get smarter than that! Got to love these people.

Did we give you guys a headsup on our Barack Hussein, the girlie man in the White House, vs. Vladimir Putin campaign?



0 thoughts on “(Video) Muslims try to gang up on a Russian man in Moscow”

      1. LOL…I wudnot have laughed or criticized you at all for not counting right. You were probably laughing too hard.

  1. I do NOT recommend this for everyone, okay? As far as bullies are concerned…they expect you, me and anyone to feel threatened.
    I know this from experience (I am now 67 yrs old). As of just two years ago, I had this black kid about 6′ tall get in my face. He was literally about 6 inches from my face!

    He pissed me off so bad, I went after him– stepped in closer as I was yelling in HIS face. He backed off like a cat’s tail was on fire!

    They (meaning bullies) don’t expect you to stand up.
    I do NOT prescribe this for everyone. You will know because your adrenalin starts pumping! RAGE emerges vs. fear.

    REMEMBER THIS: Turn your fear into rage.

    1. Aye. I am ex British Police (Liverpool), British Military police, German Military police (“reserve” (Hahahaha!)).

      My Brother-in-law, who was none of these, had the same attitude of “get involved!”

      You need to know HOW and WHEN. Especially when it is time to withdraw.

      He did not have that “sixth sense.”

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