Syrian children and their rocket swings

The picture is cute and deeply tragic at the same time.

Muslim slaughter of muslims, and anything else that moves, breathes and exist is a 1,400 year old Islamic tradition laid down by paedophile prophet Mohammed. And it has continued without a break, without a day of rest, ever since.

Syria – Children riding on makeshift swings made from remnants of rockets at a basement in the Duma neighbourhood in Damascus, on the second day of Eid al-Adha October 16, 2013. Source: Memri.


0 thoughts on “Syrian children and their rocket swings”

  1. I remember the recent video of Syrians beheading a suspected government sniper while eight and nine year old children curiously watched.

    It is time to resist Islam in the USA with every tool available. It is time that we reply to their Doctrine of Hijra with an infidel Doctrine of Reciprocity.

    We are told that Islam is the superior religion, yet it’s worshippers never allow head to head competition in the cesspool countries where Islam/Shariah rules.

    There is nothing good about beheading, honor killing, pedophilia, inbreeding, murdering apostates, gays, stoning, lying, cheating, stealing, taqiyya.

    Infidels, (Christians, Jews, Budhists, Hindu’s) must debate these monsters publicly, all over our country, every day possible in every way possible.

    And confront Obama every day for his despicable lying to the American public. And the MSN and Dems who assisted him by covering up his lies, even since the truth has come out. He would never have been elected if we had known the truth about his deception.

    1. To them it’s a heroic act to kill you and me. Americans are extremely vulnerable as they teach their children to hate Americans with a venom. And then imagine what the future will be when Obama lets in millions of these people….

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