Terror supporters CAIR wants CLEET to drop counterterrorism event: ‘seminar speakers are anti-Muslim’

CAIR wants CLEET to drop a counterterrorism event called “Iran, Hezbollah and the Drug Cartels: Counterterrorism Considerations.” So criticising Hezbollah is suppose to be anti-Muslim? In other words CAIR supports terrorist organization Hezbollah and consider it a valid Muslim organization then that should not be ‘misrepresented’?

Maybe it’s time for the authorities in Oklahoma to wake up. Muslims spread into small towns and remote areas because the local authorities tend to be lesser equipped to understand terrorist threats, or to know anything about middle eastern culture of barbarism and human rights violations, or to know nothing about their intense hatred of America; or understand dubious mosque activities, or that they need to monitor practicing muslims.

Why would anyone want to move from an Islamic country to a free democratic country and continue taking Islam with them? They should ask that question. The common answer and excuse muslims give for demanding residency in the U.S. is that they are ‘persecuted’ and seek asylum and ‘protection’ from their own home country. But once they become residents or citizens they tend to travel home and visit. And a simple fact is no one who is truly persecuted by a fascist ideology like Islam wants to bring the ideology of terrorism and persecution with them unless they support these ideals.

Look at older immigrants from Iran and other Islamic countries from the 1960’s and 70’s: they did not aspire to build mosques and continue perpetrating Islam in America. They left it behind. Some minority muslims in Scandinavia have opposed mosques and loudspeaker morning prayers stating it gives them anxiety attacks and reminds them of the persecution they underwent. So why are new muslim immigrants and asylum seekers allowed into the West who want to force Islam onto America, to build mosques, to spread Islamic doctrines that are so saturated with terrorist ideals? Do the authorities ever ask these questions?

El Watan, one of Egypt’s most widely circulated and read newspapers, goes on to name names, saying that the following activists and entities are Brotherhood operatives working within the United States. As usual CAIR makes the list [h/t AtlasShrugs & Raymond Ibrahim]:

• Union of Egyptian Imams in North America, represented by Sheikh Muhammad al-Bani
• The Egyptian American Foundation for Development
• Dr. Khalid Lamada, New York
• Dr. Hassan al-Sayah, Virginia
• The Egyptian Network in America, led by Dr. Muhammad Helmi
• Dr. Akram al-Zand, Sa’ad Foundation
• Muhammad al-Khashab, Head of ART channels in America
• Sameh al-Henawi, member, Business Association of America
• Dr. Hany Saqr, member, Egyptian Association in America
• Dr. Khalid Hassan, Maryland
• Dr. Muhammad Abdel Hakem, Seattle
• Dr. Ahmed Ismat al-Bendari, President, Islamic Society of America
• Walid Yusari, Chicago
• Ahmed Shadid, New Jersey
• Ahmed al-Hatab, Indiana
• Dr. Muhammad Morjan, Boston
• Ramadan Ridwan, Houston
• Ahmed Fayez, Las Vegas
• Dr. Amru Abbas, member, Egyptian Foundation in Michigan
• Dr. Safi al-Din Hamed, Pennsylvania
• Dr. Hamdy Radwan, North Carolina
• Ahmed Shehata, Director, Egyptian American Organization for Democracy and Human Rights
• Dr. Iman Shehata, New York
• Dr. Muhammad Amru Attawiya, member, Organization of Islamic Relief in the United States
• Dr. Khalid al-Sayes, member, Rebuilding of Egypt Foundation
• Dr. Tariq Hussein, member, American Islamic Relations Council (CAIR)
• Dr Hisham al-Gayar, member, Egyptian Foundation, Michigan
• Amin Mahmoud, Maryland

Oklahoma Islamic group says seminar speakers are anti-Muslim

PHOTO: Adam Soltani: “Our state’s law enforcement personnel should be trained by credible and objective subject-matter experts,” the state CAIR official says.

Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2013 12:00 am By BARBARA HOBEROCK World Capitol Bureau | Tulsa World

OKLAHOMA CITY —- The leader of an Oklahoma Islamic group said Monday that a law enforcement training council is being used to promote anti-Muslim speakers.

Adam Soltani, executive director of the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, asked that anti-Muslim speakers who are scheduled to speak Friday at the Legislative Counterterrorism Caucus-sponsored seminar in the House chamber be dropped.

Attendees at the seminar can obtain seven hours of Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training credit, according to a news release from Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, chairman of the caucus.

The seminar is titled “Iran, Hezbollah and the Drug Cartels: Counterterrorism Considerations.”

The scheduled speakers include retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin; Frank Gaffney, president and founder of the Center for Security Policy think tank and a columnist at the Washington Times; and Clare M. Lopez, who works for Gaffney.

Soltani said the speakers have obvious anti-Muslim biases. He sent a letter to CLEET asking that the speakers be dropped.

CLEET Executive Director Steve Emmons said the training is not sponsored by his organization but confirmed that those in attendance can receive seven hours of credit toward the 25 training hours required each year for police officers.

CLEET does not have the manpower to review the materials that are being offered, he said.

“Yes, we could turn them down,” Emmons said. “I don’t know if any have been turned down off the top of my head.”

He said his organization is caught in the middle.

“We have no indication there is going to be anything anti-Muslim based on anything other than what CAIR said,” Emmons said.

Bennett did not return telephone calls seeking comment.

“It is definitely concerning and a little shocking that anyone can offer training on any subject whether they are credible or not,” Soltani said.

Such an important subject shouldn’t be a propaganda tool for anti-Muslim extremists, he added.

“Our state’s law enforcement personnel should be trained by credible and objective subject-matter experts, not extremists with an Islamphobic agenda to promote,” Soltani said.

Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow, a member of the Counterterrorism Caucus, said, “I don’t know whether any of those people are anti-Muslim,” adding that he was not aware of the allegations made by CAIR.

Rep. Lewis Moore, R-Arcadia, a member of the Counterterrorism Caucus, said the speakers are well-qualified to speak on the subject, adding that Muslim-friendly groups are influencing the federal government at the highest level.



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