Gynophobia: Taxi firms in Saudi Arabia fear losing revenue if women drive

Muslims suffer from a serious bout of Gynophobia. Muslim men are endlessly petrified of women! Petrified that women will turn out to be far capable, far more intelligent, far more man and more able to live without them, than they are. So what do you do if you have so many fears? You keep locking in your object of fear and envy to master over it like a dog you can order around.

The whole world has women driving yet taxi company’s have not gone bankrupt. And what is this pretentious ambition to “protect women” yet force them to be left alone with the most sleaziest sex-pests on earth: Pakistani and Bangladeshi muslims. How much safer for them to have the option to not have to mingle with these pests. Even in the West women will opt out to ride with these muslim sex-pests if they can to minimize the risk of lewd comments, looks or even molestations.

Taxi firms fear losing revenue if women drive


Many taxi firms will close down if women are allowed to drive their own cars,” said Sayed.


Published — Saturday 26 October 2013

Taxi operators here say they would lose 60 percent of their revenue and may even have to close shop if women are allowed to drive in the city.

Saudi women have been pushing for the right to drive and many plan to get behind the wheel today to highlight their cause.

Ali Sayed, an Egyptian taxi supervisor in Jeddah, told Arab News that his firm would likely lose 60 percent of its customers.

“It is well known that many more women than men use our taxis. We depend on the revenue from women customers. Many taxi firms will close down if women are allowed to drive their own cars,” said Sayed.
Many taxi drivers have contracts with women to pick them up at home and drop them off at work or university. They make more than SR1,000 at the end of the month from these contracts.

Mukhtar Salem, a Yemeni taxi driver, told Arab News: “I have a contract to drop off two Saudi women every day at King Abdul Aziz University for SR1,500 a month. If they drive their own cars, I will lose this money.”

Mahmoud Abdul Shafi, an Egyptian taxi driver, told Arab News that taxi drivers would face a “real crisis” if women are allowed to drive. “We cannot depend on men customers who have no cars. It’s easy for them to find friends to drop them off or to take a bus.”

“Other men use taxis on a temporary basis until they can buy their own cars. We have long term contracts with women because they have no other option and are dependent on us,” said Shafi.
Activists behind the “Oct. 26 Driving Campaign” have called on fellow Saudis to put the campaign’s logo on their cars and urged women to learn to drive.

However, a spokesman from the Ministry of Interior said in a statement on Wednesday that “regulations in Saudi Arabia prohibit any action that disturbs social peace and opens the door for sedition and responds to the illusions of prejudiced intruders with sick dreams.”


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