(Video) Muslim boy shrieks in pain as he is circumcised while crowd laughs

Followers of the religion of peace love to torture, abuse, molest and rape children. They sure have a strange sense of ‘humor’ finding joy in other people’s pain and suffering. No anesthesia used in this circumcision (khatan).


0 thoughts on “(Video) Muslim boy shrieks in pain as he is circumcised while crowd laughs”

  1. This”joy” you’ve said is called khatan. And how much dirty you think your dick like without this doing? It is not like they enjoy the others suffering, it is just that they found themselves in the same situation when the were kids once before

    1. There is such a thing called SOAP meant to clean the body. If you don’t use soap the rest of your body will stay dirty too, so why not cut all other limbs off? Do you know that the most dirtiest part of the human body is: 1) the muslim mind, 2) the hands and fingernails. So go and cut your hands off. Cut your head off. Clearly Allah doesn’t know what he is doing since he gave you foreskins and hands, which become dirty if not washed.

      1. as the scientist given facts for earlier investigation, they’ve claimed that Khatan by Islamic way just like the video is a very way to remove germs which led to penile cancer. Researchers have published studies to show that vaginal or cervical cancer and penile cancer are more prevalent among couples in which the man is uncircumcised. in addition, these cancers also the causes of HIV(Human immunodeficiency virus)

      2. These cases are prevalent in men mainly in Asian countries where hygiene is not followed. So cut off your hands and your head, since the biggest dirt is in these two. And why not cut off your feet? How much dirt does your feet step on every day? If circumcision has a traditional purpose, fine, but the kid should be given some anesthesia. This is revoltingly barbaric.

      3. now you’ve made the thinking too deep, and how impressive :)) btw, limbs aren’t that dirty though. or else, you’are claiming that you, yourself a germ,dirt,dump,virus and for most not supposed to be alive? those penis have to be “khatan” or cut one-third to remove the accumulated urine inside your bladder 🙂 that’s how we, muslims learned starting a very eras ago .then:)

      4. You muslims INVENT and fabricate problems that are not there, and make them into major issues. It’s the most ridiculous thing. How can you say that your feet, that walk on all kinds of dirt every day, is cleaner than your dick? But do you cut your feet off? No you don’t. And why not? Because some small minded tribal idiot came up with the idea that you have to peel the skin of your penis to somehow be different – and you all follow these fairytales like sheep! Besides, since it seems the muslim dick gives you people more problems than anything else with the way you people behave – why don’t you go and cut it off?

  2. Of course circumcision is the practical process, for several reasons. Best done at a very young age, with anesthesia, in a sterilized surrounding.

    Not good to do it the dirty Muslim way, usually with old jerks who get their jollies over the imposing of pain. Kind of like beheading, only the victim survives to remember the laughter forever.

    Like Femal Genital Mutilation, done by sick old Muslim women who don’t even know that the process is NOT sanctioned in the Quran.

    1. Admin, you are eagerly want to win your words. Sorry, but i’m saying according to the world researches by your own people. That’s what i’m saying cause u trust ur own people, so i’m using their words. But somehow muslims, the tribal u said didn’t go wash they already figure this way out, and certain of ur scientists and researches too. why did u not already? Just, about the cutting off, don’t u already claim that earlier that human didn’t deserve to live? Circumcision never brings to death.

      1. Lol! You muslims never read statistics! What nonsense. I already mentioned to you that the problem is SOAP. And you need to use soap.
        Why don’t you read my post again. I clearly said that if you muslims find your limbs dirty and this is your reasoning, why do you only cut the skin of your dick off?

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