Sweden: A New Hell for Women

Muslim Statistics

Sweden: A New Hell for Women
Residence permits granted — The number of reported rapes in the years 1980-2008 (Source Migration Board, BRÅ)våldtäkter i Sverige, 1980-2008.

Posted by: Fjordman 15 October, 2013

The very first essay I ever wrote under the pen name Fjordman, published at my then brand-new blog on February 20, 2005, was entitled “Muslim Rape Epidemic in Sweden and Norway — Authorities Look the Other Way.”

I had been active on the Internet and written comments on other people’s websites well before that date, but in many ways this marked the beginning of my more dedicated writing career.

Over the years I have written quite a few essays about Sweden, despite never having lived there myself. One of the reasons for this is because it is by far the most extreme of the Nordic countries when it comes to mass immigration and Multiculturalism. In terms of ideological indoctrination, suppression of dissent and…

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0 thoughts on “Sweden: A New Hell for Women”

  1. I pointed out to my too liberal sister in law who lives under the Utopian ideal of Beautiful Sweden. I quote her reaction.
    ‘Oh these poor people need help from war torn nations, we can’t just leave them.’
    ‘You have seen the results in the UK! This is how Sweden will become.
    Swedish media will not publish truth for fear of reaction from the people, Swedish society is a kind of Utopian Soma where all are blonde beautiful free cared for and educated. This works fine with a small population of all Swedes Walloons and the odd Medit. i.e Italian, Spanish or any other southern European nation. The Catholics like the Jews of Sweden quietly enjoy mass and synagogue but never impose their culture on the rest of Sweden and generally speaking at one time they enjoyed the hospitality and welcome from Swedes into Society.

    The whole of Europe and Scandinavia need to ally with Israel’s IAF and IDF like it or not it is all out serious confrontation until this snake has been removed and brought under control.

    1. It’s very good that people who have more insight educate people about the FACTS about Islam and it’s totalitarian and fascist ideology. Not a single country on earth has survived Islamic immigration. It has always lead to them eventually taking over by extreme violence. It often takes hundreds of years to take a country back from an islamic grip – and it is then become impoverished and basically a third world country, completely exploited and destroyed by muslims.

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