Muslim mob goes mad in Bombay

Poor India. Over 100 million of their people were brutally, brutally slained during muslim occupation, looting, enslavement and encroachment on their country that ended in an 800 year torturous rule. Indian people have still not forgotten the pain and suffering they endured during muslim occupation and the contempt between the two groups is intense to this day, 1200 years later.

This type of violent scenes from muslim mobs are a common occurrence in India and takes place on a daily basis. Unfortunately the government does not keep a track of the muslim population growth which is astronomical. The official figures of 14.6%, that has basically remained unchanged for the past twenty years, are simply nowhere near the truth. Anyone who travels to India can grasp that the population is more closing in around the 50% mark. And the muslim violence never ends and is a continuous battle that the Indian people have to deal with. Muslims want to re-conquer their old stomping grounds. So recently, al-Qaeda began pouring into India via Pakistan and Kashmir, but without the Taliban-beards. Not good news at all for a country that has suffered so much persecution already.


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