Documentary: Garden – Homosexual prostitutes in Palestine

“250 and I am yours”. Garden by Fig Films, a documentary on homosexuality.

The superimposed invaders into Israel, the “Palestinians” have of course multiplied like roaches. Now there are generation after generation of these terrorist offspring born in the fake land they pretended to have lost to war with Jews, born to parents who never came from Palestine in the first place, but who forced their way into the country from Egypt and Saudi Arabia to commit intifada.

This documentary follows muslim homosexual prostitutes from Palestine. Although muslims have done inexplicable evils to Israel, where is it these gay hookers get refuge when their own Arab families are too violent and disown them? Amongst their own people? No, they get refuge in Israel and amongst the Jews.

Although they are “Palestinians” they were tortured and shot at by Palestinian security, their bodies cut and lemon and salt poured into the wounds, and then thrown in jail. How’s that for the libtard Gaza flotilla crowd?


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