David Cameron makes Britain the first Sharia investment hub in the West

A few days back we reported on David Cameron’s efforts to hoist in Sharia law, bit-by-bit, into his country. The man is so stupid he almost pairs with Tony Blair, the most vile, dangerously stupid man in politics who is behind Arab trade agreements and continued muslim mass immigration. What exactly is Sharia finance? Like everything else. it’s deeply discriminatory against non-muslims. Muslims, for example, are not obligated to pay banking fees, interest and other random fees everyone else in Britanistan has to pay. That means financial institutions make the rest of the population pay the fees on behalf of muslims to cover the costs.

There is no need for the est 5 million muslims living in Britanistan to use much violence to spread their fascism (of which a total 67.5% are living off the welfare system. Their harems alone cost over £5 million a year). They are freely invited to root in the country and multiply in ferocious numbers while their non-muslim population pay jizya-tax in the form of endless handouts demanding by the majority of the muslim population. And these are no fables made-up to be nasty to the nastiest creed on earth, but is supported by statistics.

As if that is not enough, each muslim asylum seeker or illegal, cost British tax payers roughly £1.1 million per family, or £550,000 each over the duration of their lifetime. For those muslim asylum seekers the county has already let in up to now they are looking at an outstanding bill totaling £280 billion during their lifetime. Yet Britain continues to flood the country with more muslim asylum seekers. And it doesn’t end there. Muslim and Indian immigrants are the highest carriers of tuberculosis into Britain, costing the tax payers 5.3 billion Euros in ‘productivity losses’.

The country must have endless amount of money, although they claim to be in debt. Tony Blair is currently pretending to “help” 3 million muslims from Albania  (=help himself to more dodgy payouts) to get work permits to reside in the UK. Meanwhile the British muslim prison population has increased by 200% and the honor murder rate has increased by 48%, while genital mutilation cases are just going up and up and 25% of newborns are muslim children.

Does no one sense an unsustainable financial disaster, not to mention extreme future dangers to non-muslims in the country?

And now, interest free banking which kafirs must foot the bill for.

The befuddled confused thought process of a useless prime minister.

The David Cameron and Tony Blair Syndrome.


Britain to become first non-Muslim country to launch sharia bond

David Cameron to unveil £200m Sukuk at the World Islamic Economic Forum in London on Tuesday

Sparkbrook Mosque in Birmingham

To comply with sharia law, Islamic investors are forbidden to receive interest Photo: John Robertson

12:01AM GMT 29 Oct 2013  |  The Telegraph

Britain is set to become the first non-Muslim country to sell a bond that can be bought by Islamic investors in a bid to encourage massive new investment into the City.

David Cameron will say in a speech on Tuesday at the World Islamic Economic Forum in London that the Treasury is drawing up plans to issue a £200m Sukuk, a form of debt that complies with Islamic financial law.

The new sharia-compliant gilt will enable Britain to become the first non-Muslim country to tap the growing pool of Islamic investments that is forecast to top £1.3 trillion by next year.

The Prime Minister will say that it would be a “mistake” to miss the opportunity to encourage more Islamic investment in the UK and that the City of London should rival Dubai as a centre for sharia-compliant finance.

“When Islamic finance is growing 50pc faster than traditional banking and when global Islamic investments are set to grow to £1.3 trillion by 2014, we want to make sure a big proportion of that new investment is made here in Britain,” Mr Cameron will tell an audience of senior officials from Islamic countries.

Among those at the meeting are Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, King Abdullah of Jordan, Afghan president Hamid Karzai and Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince of Bahrain.

The World Islamic Economic Forum has never been held before in a non-Muslim country and highlights the growing role London is playing in the Islamic finance industry.

The London Stock Exchange is preparing to launch an Islamic Market Index to help the managers of sharia-compliant funds identify new investment opportunities.

The UK’s plans to issue its own Sukuk could lead to billions of pounds of British gilts being sold to Islamic investors, enabling the Treasury to diversify away from its traditional sources of funding.

“For years people have been talking about creating an Islamic bond – or Sukuk – outside the Islamic world, but it’s just never quite happened,” Mr Cameron will say. “Changing that is a question of pragmatism and political will. And here in Britain we’ve got both.

To comply with sharia law, Islamic investors are forbidden to receive interest. Sukuks avoid this problem by ensuring the fixed return investors receive on the debt is linked to the profit generated by an underlying asset.

The value of Sukuks already listed on the London market has reached $34bn (£21bn) over the past five years with nearly 50 bonds quoted by the London Stock Exchange.

Sharia-compliant funds have already been used to fund some of the capital’s largest developments, including the Shard and the Olympic Village.

More than 20 banks currently offer Islamic financial products and services in the UK, more than any other Western country, with the number expected to grow further.

The Government has put securing links with growing financial centres in Islamic countries and fast-growing Asian markets at the heart of its plans for the City.

Earlier this month the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced a deal with China to make London a leading centre for the growing trade in renminbi-denominated assets and to make it easier for Chinese banks to set up investment banking operations.


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  1. Idiot on parade. What a loser, He wants sharia law, when he drinks his next whiskey can he take the 40 lashes? Think before you act, you are a idiot to think there is anything good about sharia

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