Your Daily Muslim: Abdul Majeed al-Zindani

Your Daily Muslim

When Yemeni sheikh Abdul Majeed al-Zindani isn’t coloring his beard with rust, he’s actively trying to fight against the progress of human rights. The rector of al-Iman University, al-Zindani is not an uneducated fellow. However, that doesn’t stop him from choosing religion over logic when it comes to societal issues. He and sixteen other religious leaders and political figures signed a fatwa aimed at eliminating the minimum age of marriage in Yemen. Though his own genitals likely don’t work anymore due to old age, al-Zindani probably figured he was doing his pedo bros a favor by trying to eliminate the controversial law that prohibits people from making like Muhammad, pigs be upon him, and marrying children.

The signers of the fatwa, including al-Zindani, asserted that the marriage-age law has no basis in Islam and actually contradicts sharia, which is the foundation of law in Yemen. The law does contradict sharia…

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