Islam’s Halal Sexual Practices

Ban Islam

Islam is the most fun-loving religion as far as sexual activity is concerned. No wonder that it is the fastest growing religion among sex offenders in western prisons…

Muhammad was perfect example of a human being whose life should followed meticulous demands the Quran:

33.21: Mohammed is an excellent role model for you to follow.

3.31: If you love Allah then follow Muhammad and Allah will forgive your sins.

33.36: Rules and examples set by Allah and Muhammad is binding to all Muslims: there are no alternatives.

6.33: Rejecting Muhammad is rejecting Allah.

Therefore, following sunna and examples of the Prophet (PBUH) is mandatory for Muslims. Following them prepares the way, if not guarantees, paradise, whereas rejection of them leads to hell. Thus, it is utmost important to study what sexual practices were carried out by him in his life so that all Muslims can practice those sunnas and follow…

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