Iran launches ‘Down with America’ awards to demonise the U.S.

Iran launches ‘Down with America’ awards offering £2,500 for the best photo, cartoon, or article which demonises the US

  • Contest invites entries on subjects linking the US to oppression and lying
  • Will be judged by prominent Iranian artists and illustrators
  • Contest name references popular slogan with anti-US activists in Iran
  • Comes as US and Iran re-open talks on the country’s nuclear programme

By Kieran Corcoran, PUBLISHED: 19:05, 26 October 2013 | DailyMail

An award offering cash prizes for the best works of art that stir up hatred for the United States has been launched in Iran.

The competition, named Marg bar Amrika, which translates to ‘Down with America’ or ‘Death to America’, has a grand prize of 100million Iranian rial, which equates to £2,500.

Held in two parts, the contest invites entries on anti-American subjects including ‘Why is the US not reliable’, ‘The US and oppression’ and ‘The US and global Zionism’.

Award: A contest for the best anti-American work of art has been launched in Iran

Award: A contest for the best anti-American work of art has been launched in Iran

Antagonism: This image of 'Uncle Sam' holding a mace features on the awards site as inspiration

Antagonism: This image of ‘Uncle Sam’ holding a mace features on the awards site as inspiration

The first part, eligible for the £2,500 prize, is for photographs, posters and cartoons, while the second part, with a smaller grand prize of £750, is for documentaries, hymns and blog posts.

Hardline conservative illustrators and artists from Iran will judge submissions, including cartoonists Maziyar Bizhani and Mohammad Hosein Niroomand, both of whom have been published in the Keyhan newspaper.

The awards are sponsored by conservative news agencies and television stations. A website promoting the awards features the iconic ‘Uncle Sam’ image with a medieval mace drawn into his hand.

The topics encourage entrants to focus on the United States as a centre of imperialism, hypocrisy and prejudice against Islam, and Iran in particular.

Judges: Mohammad Hossein Niroomand, Mahmood Abdolhosseini, and Maziar Bijani will choose the winners
Judges: Mohammad Hossein Niroomand, Mahmood Abdolhosseini, and Maziar Bijani will choose the winners

‘Marg bar Amrika’, the slogan attached to the awards, has been used by Iranian hardliners for decades as a focal point for their opposition to the West.

Iran and and US have had a strained relationship for decades, which had looked to improve since the election of moderate politician Hassan Rouhani as president in June this year.

The announcement of the award comes as conservatives in Iran feel ignored by the government, which has recently re-opened talks in the West over the country’s nuclear programme.

The country’s revolutionary guard, a military organisation which protects the country’s Islamic values, is also organising a series of ‘down with America’ rallies on 4 November.

The rallies commemorate an attack on the US Embassy in Iran’s capital city Tehran in 1979, when hardline students overran the building.

Hatred: Hardline Iranians often chant 'death to America' and burn US flagsHatred: Hardline Iranians often chant ‘death to America’ and burn US flags

They took 52 Americans hostage, and they were held in the country for more than a year amid soaring tensions between the two powers, before their release was eventually negotiated.

Brigadier General Seyyed Masoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of the Joint Armed Forces Headquarters, told Iranian agency Fars News: ‘The crimes of leaders of America and international Zionism in their confrontation with the Iranian nation will never be erased from the public’s memory’.


  • Why do people say ‘down with America’?
  • Why is the US is not reliable?
  • The US and broken promises
  • The US and self-conceit
  • The US and human rights
  • The US and oppression
  • The US and Islamophobia
  • The US and Iranophobia
  • The US and global Zionism
  • The US and neo-colonialism
  • The US and democracy
  • The US dictatorship
  • The US and freedom of speech
  • The US and the Occupy / 99 per cent movement

0 thoughts on “Iran launches ‘Down with America’ awards to demonise the U.S.”

  1. The clerical’s stirring up hatred for those they don’t agree with are likely to be a boomerang. Iran and the Arab Muslim countries are in dire circumstances. Every time they advance in their evil deeds towards their perceived enemies it goes from grim to worse. Look at the Arabs in Israel. For each armed assault, they have lost ever more land; and the more desperate they become. – The Muslims cannot comprehend that their murderous deeds (and evil thoughts) do their psyche damage, and in a serious way. They are caught in a vicious circle which will pull the Muslims deep down in despair and destruction. We have seen this happen before with Nazism and Communism: the Fascists in Germany and Japan perished in flames, and the Communists just faded away. – Well, I do not wish the Muslims in Tehran or elsewhere any early recovery. They must use their own bitter medicine. V Peace!

  2. propaganda to demonise America ? rather real view on America through the ayes of the people bullied by this aggressive totalitarian state

    1. Americans bullied you, or Arabs lured them to bully others and offered to pay for it? It’s the usual muslim victim game. The most aggressive, inhumane people on earth can hardly afford to point fingers.

  3. The last I looked obama had a 37% approval!!! In case you don’t understand that obama has a 63% disapproval rate by American citizens and actually I think it’s higher!!! Why don’t you muslims come and get him and drop him off in Kenya. So don’t demonize America, demonize obama and his muslim brotherhood crew and all the idiots that follow him!!! OH and stay out of our country…

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