Muslim Cleric: There Was Never A “Palestinian” People

The FAKE map that “Palestinians” (terrorists) and their followers include in all their propaganda online:


Israel was not created in 1946. Israel was returned to the Jewish people in 1917 and initially included the entire Transjordan: Israel and all of Jordan. This map is actually reversed of Palestinian population growth in Israel from the 1930’s and projected growth.

The “Palestinians” were created by the Ottoman remnant, Nazi collaborator, and father of the holocaust, Grand Mufti al-Husseini, after 1930’s when illegal jihadi Saudi immigrants were ordered to settle in the West Bank while illegal jihadi Egyptian immigrants moved to settle in Gaza to commit terrorism against the Jews.

To try and find a quick solution to the growing mass immigration and Arab aggression, Britain assigned Jordan to the illegals. This was a major mistake and should never have been done. There was no consideration taken that the Arabs acted out of racism texts from the Quran, and no division of land would keep them away or stop them from committing terrorism – which is exactly what has happened.


This is how this actual map is: Israel from 1930’s, with the illegal Muslims in green and projected future population growth at 5.1 children per woman.

Palestine-Israel Conflict

Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, Head of the Muslim community in Italy:

While the reality of the Jewish people is a known fact, the idea of the Palestinian people is something that was created recently for political reasons. We easily admit a systems of an Arab people but claiming that those Arabs who live inside Israeli territory are Palestinians and that they therefore have specific nationality is something that has no ethnic or historic basis.


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0 thoughts on “Muslim Cleric: There Was Never A “Palestinian” People”

  1. Im just curious to know how much Mossad pays you to manage this zionist website and invent lies.
    I’m jew but you are not. You will have to repond for all this to God…. One day, you will have to answer to him..

    1. Lol! Good try Abdul. You are not a jew, neither is any of us. Keep blaming the jews for all your satanic bullshit. The world is watching you muslim devils. And it’s not the jews they see behave like savages.

  2. Abdul ?? Hahahahahaha.. How old are you ? 16 ?
    I’m jew but it’s so hard to believe for your limited brain ?… I did not blame jews, you need to read again!

  3. Good try for the article.
    Admin: by being racist, it shows that you are very low minded and got a very low IQ.
    You should travel more.

    1. You must be kidding! Lol! Muslims are so stupid! We post a video and report news reports and suddenly we are the racists. Why don’t you just blame us for your bombbelts, incest and murders too while you’re at it.

      1. By your reply we can see that you have a low IQ because yourself you cannot realise that you are racist.
        You cannot even realise what you wrote.

  4. The truth is that Israel did not exist as a distinct nation from before 500 BCE until 1948 CE. There is no contiguous connection between the ancient Israel kingdoms and the modern state of Israel. The majority of Jews living in Israel, the Ashkenazi, are not the genetic descendants of the biblical Hebrews but of central Asian Khazars, who converted to Judaism in 800AD.

    Here is the truth:

    1. The truth is that muslims are persecuting them from mere racism, and their ugly duty to hate other people as laid out in the Koran. Muslims have been chasing and persecuting them for 1400 years and Israel has nothing to do with it.

  5. As a jew, I can tell you the true:

    The Israeli propaganda being poured onto the net today is how Israel has “always” held that land since biblical times. That is also a complete falsehood. The kingdoms of the Israelites did cover a large portion of the Eastern Mediterranean, as shown on the map over at the World History Timeline. However, Israel was wiped off of the map by the Assyrians in 740 BCE. Babylon conquered the lands Israel claims they own in 597 BCE. By 538 BC, the lands of Israel were conquered by the Persians, then by the Seleucids, then by the Romans, then by the Muslim Caliphate, then by the Ayyubid Sultanate, then by the Mamluk Sultanate, The by the Ottoman Empire. Following the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after WW1, a separate and distinct Palestine appeared on the maps, but no Israel!

    Israel does not appear on maps of the 1930s, but Palestine is shown.

    1. The only accurate statement in your rant is the word “conquered”. It should be replaced by stolen, theft. Muslims invaded and STOLE everything in the Middle East from Christians, Jews and Pagans. They took by force. Their persecution of Israel is RACISM and has nothing to do with land. They will not give up until they have killed every Jew on earth as their murderous Koran says. 1400 years of racist and fanatic persecution of one people.

      1. OMG…. You mix up everything and you still don’t understand.
        But I know why you can’t understand, as the previous comments says, your brain is limited because of the racist you are and you will never realise that because you can’t understand the definition.
        And plus all that, the website is pro-israeli so we don’t expect you to say something true..

      2. Lol! Typical low IQ islamo-nazi mentality. Because some people know their history – and anyone who knows the history of the conflict and the terrorism “Palestinians” commit will be pro-Israeli, – and that in your mind is automatically untrue? So, truth is only what suits your opinion, and not what is a fact then?
        Well that should give a clear idea who the real racist is. Not only are you a real who pretend to be humanitarian but you’re a bigot as well.

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