92-Year-Old Palestinian Woman: Palestinians Should Massacre Jews Like We Massacred Them in Hebron

The love, the usual hallmark of Muslim mentality, is overwhelming. At least she remembers and admit that muslims (the fake Palestinians, a creed created solely to commit terrorism) massacred Jews. Muslims were the ones who initiated the problems. This woman is from a bedouine tribe in Hebron.

The bedouines are nomads, like Gypsies. They have no particular country and travel permanently from place to place, across borders and lands. All nomads, the extremely tiny population that existed in Transjordan during the British mandate, were asked to join in the massacre of the Jews, along with the enormous number of illegal mass immigration of muslims who poured into israel via Egypt and Saudi Arabia and created into a new palestinian people by the Grand Mufti al-Husseini. If there is a hell, al-Husseini will be eternally stuck in it. Britain’s biggest mistake was to allow patches of the Ottomans to remain in Transjordan, and to allocate Jordan to these illegal immigrants.

Is this a normal human being or more akin to a satanic entity? And should this kind of “person” be living in the West at all? You be the judge.



0 thoughts on “92-Year-Old Palestinian Woman: Palestinians Should Massacre Jews Like We Massacred Them in Hebron”

  1. and the BDS movement support the like of these islamically crazed people
    This is how Islam views Jews etc., and somehow the west manages to ignore these facts
    Imagine letting this disease loose in a civilised country

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