Spain: Muslim tries to kidnap 4-year-old-girl, saying “We’re going to invade this place, we will educate your children, Islam will be imposed on Al-Andalus”

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The local police in Motril (Granada) has arrested a 52-year-old man who tried to kidnap a 4-year-old girl after entering a local school, shouting “We are going to invade this place, we will educate your children, Islam will be imposed on Al-Andalus.”

According to information from Motril town council, the incident occurred at 8.45 am today in Ave María de Varadero school, when the man, who has acquired Spanish nationality but is of Moroccan origin, burst into the centre and took the girl by the arm, trying to kidnap her.

It was the girl’s father who, after a small struggle, succeeded in getting the girl back and handing her over to one of the teachers, who demanded that the attacker leave the premises.

When he refused, the father got the man out of the school and immobilised him. The arrested man struck several blows against the father.

The arrested man, against whom complaints had already been filed at the weekend by the local police for attempted aggravated robbery and an attack upon public authority, struck several blows to the face of the victim’s father, causing injuries for which he had to be treated at Santa Ana de Motril hospital.

After checking that the girl had not suffered any injuries and so as not to interrupt her routine, the father decided that she could continue her day at school.

Source: 20 Minutos: Detenido por intentar secuestrar a una niña de 4 años en un colegio de Motril (Granada). H/T: Maria José


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