Muslims assault U.S. tourist for entering London Sharia zone

A sign of things to come in ten years in Britain. They have no grip of their problems and are not deporting these animals by the millions to safe vouch their future. Look how the media sugar coats this ugly incident and never mentions the M-word or that this was a Sharia zones attack. He was attacked merely for being a non-muslim kafir, entering a muslim area.

This is the same area in London where Muslim tried to install Sharia rules.

What the sign created by Muslims really want to say, but which they left out to not reveal too much, is that only Muslims can enter the zone and as a kafir you are not allowed there. They are walking around the subject to stay from the reach of the law.


American student scarred for life by bottle attack just three days after arriving in Britain

Francesco Hounye is now considering his future in the UK

Tom Mendelsohn  |  Wednesday 23 October 2013, Independent

Unsuspecting: Mr Hounye had been out for the night in the Brick Lane area of east London with a friend he had been staying with when he was attacked

Police in London are appealing for help after a newly arrived American student was left scarred for life in a vicious bottle attack in June.

Francesco Hounye, 22, had only been in the UK three days when he was attacked by a gang of five youths in East London because he was “obviously not local”.

CCTV footage shows five Asian men setting upon the Floridan, before smashing the bottle he’d been drinking from into his face and chasing him over the road, punching and kicking him.

The attack took shortly after midnight, while Mr Hounye was walking with a friend back to their flat in Shadwell, after they’d been out in Brick Lane.

Different: Investigating officer, Detective Constable Ben Mott, said that police suspect the men picked a fight with Mr Hounye as 'he was obviously not from the local area'

Police say it’s unclear what caused the fight, but it quickly became heated, leaving Mr Hounye in hospital.

He was taken to the Royal London Hospital with deep slash wounds to his head and around his right ear. He needed 23 stitches to his face and more stitches internally. He has suffered permanent scarring and a chipped tooth.

Mr Hounye has said he is now considering his future in the UK.

“As a result of this incident I am now scared to go out on my own in London,” he said. “I am a visitor to the UK and was considering continuing my studies here but this incident has made me think twice.

“I feel very emotional about the whole situation. I also now face the rest of my life with the permanent scarring that will be left on my face as a result of this attack. Every time I look in the mirror from now on I will be reminded of this incident.”

He admitted to the Evening Standard that despite everything, he still loves the city.

“When I first came here I fell in love with London and I still think it is beautiful but now I am aware that it is also dangerous,” he said.

The suspects have yet to be identified, despite extensive enquiries, so the police have released the CCTV footage, in the hopes that the men can be identified. They are described as Asian, and aged in their late teens to early 20s. They are possibly Bengali.

Anyone who can help is asked to contact Tower Hamlets CID on 020 7275 4546 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

See the police CCTV video here


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