CNN is Being Paid By Arabs to Keep Stories Off The Air

Katherine Welles /

Three-time Emmy winning journalist and former CNN reporter Amber Lyon is blowing the whistle on CNN. She says the network is paid by the Obama administration and foreign governments to avoid damaging stories and construct attractive narratives.

Lyon called CNN, “fake news.”

Lyon explained she was part of a four-person team send to Bahrain to cover the Arab Spring. The colorful footage illustrated the imminent danger both the team and native activists faced at the hands of radical Muslims.

But CNN never broadcasted the documentary because the U.S. supported the Bahrain regime. The Bahrain government also paid CNN not to broadcast it.

Lyon said, “I saw first-hand that these regime claims were lies, and I couldn’t believe CNN was making me put what I knew to be government lies into my reporting.”

The journalist discovered her reports weren’t the only ones being kept off the air by the U.S. and foreign governments.  Lyon challenged the left-wing network when she realized she’d found out such sensitive information.

Now, Lyon is attempting to get her story to the public.

Do you support Amber Lyon? Do you believe CNN is paid off?



0 thoughts on “CNN is Being Paid By Arabs to Keep Stories Off The Air”

    1. You know, I wish that they were “left”, cause that is still an ideology within the concept of democracy. They are just rotten seldouts…

      1. When Ben Franklin was leaving the Constitutional Convention, he was asked what kind of Government were we getting, his reply was; A Republic, if you can keep it.
        The founding fathers fought vigorously against democracy, as they knew democracy never works

  1. Doesn’t suprise me at all. These arabs are loaded with money and Obama is a muslim. A deadly combination if ever I saw one. What else can you expect? I reckon there is a whole lot more going on behind the scenes to keep us uninformed about the true nature of islam (= death and destruction). But don’t worry, while we are confronted with islam’s bloody practices each day, and as the thread continues to grow, more and more people will wise up and islam will kill itself. No lies/propaganda can change that.

    1. I see … Obama is a muslim. lmao … and your point is the U.S. president and muslim countries are corrupt, and there is a conspiracy so big that if makes the JFK shooting conspiracy look like a children’s story. lol

      1. Don’t be a fool! Obama being a Muzzie just tell that he sympathize with the stealth fifth column in the US. CAIR and other criminal Muslim organizations inside the country propagate the Muslim Brotherhood’s sharia-fascism co-opted by CNN. It’s a whole mess all together.

      2. You, my brother, have your eyes wide shut. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Look at the Rules for the Radicals by Saul Alinsky and see how this is playing out. Your president has mastered the rules and everyone who agrees with him are playing by them.

  2. I’m finding more and more videos and pages blocked about the threat and negativity of islam in all peaceful nations. I believe the quicker these truth’s are publicized the quicker we can remove this poison from our societies before they take root..And if they do take root we will lose our basic right’s and constitutional law’s.Maybe that’s part of the plan, useing the threat of islamic ideologies to take away our rights as a whole.

    1. They are targeting our colleges now to teach this. Look at Tuskegee AL. This past week end. They have also been to Savannah State College ( historical black college) in GA.

      1. We were there. Rode in with a SMALL group. Were diverted to a “remote area” under the pretense of media coverage. People this atrocity is happening right in front of us and we are blind. Louis Ferrakahan came with an army of foot soldiers. Busses full of Muslim dressed black women. They attracted support from the Black Panthers. THEY TOOK OVER A TOWN! They put on a show to impress the young black college students as well as the poverty stricken and lower class citizens that are struggling. They preach a society of Muslim Nation to free the oppressed and minority black. They preach that white is the gene of the devil. They want an uprising and a war so they can take our country. They are infiltrating and we are not paying attention AND THEY KNOW THAT. It is time to Wake Up.

    2. Look what happened to Milosevic when he attempted to purge these violent muslims out of his country after experiencing over ten years of terrorism. Clinton and most of the European nations joined forces to destroy him, his people, and what was left of his government!

  3. CNN used to be a good network. Excellent coverage of the 1st Gulf War. Now they’re pretty much dogshit except for Anthony Bourdain. What the hell happened?

  4. Islam reminds me of the poppy flower that grows in abundance there. It looks so pretty, graceful & uniformly tall from far away but to pull one out is almost impossible because their roots are very deep, very strong as they’re knit so tightly together.

  5. Islam reminds me of the poppy flower that grows in abundance there. It looks so pretty, graceful & uniformly tall from far away but to pull one out is almost impossible because their roots are very deep, very strong as they’re knit so tightly together. Then I realize, they grow just like the weed.

  6. “It was once said “when religion and Politics rides in the same cart, only ill will come of it” this was written in the eleventh century, as war raged in the middle east…..The crusades!
    but now add the mixture state controlled media, and only slavery will come of it!
    We reap what we sow, when people stop looking for the truth only three thing will eventuate…….Slavery, servitude, punishment!

  7. I believe this is true. But I do not think that CNN is the only one in on it. That is why we only see the things that the Obama admin. wants us to see and not the truth.

  8. Whats new? Why are any of you surprised that the “media” is with holding the truth? They have been doing it for decades. 80% of people know the media lies. Then 75% of the people listen to it anyway. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, WGN, NBC, FOX are only propaganda machines.

  9. CBN News and Fox News broadcast the news CNN and the other stations won’t, it’s why their rating crush all the other combined! Especially http://www.BillOReilly. com. Watch a few of his shows or talking points videos online, you’ll see why he’s #1!

    1. I have seen his shows. My wife still watches to see the guests. Oreilly is like the rest. A few weeks ago he made the statement that illegals only broke civil laws by entering the Country. If you watch his show you seen it. This is utterly and completely false, ie: a lie. As for FOX watch a video called the monsanto milk story. They only carry the stories they want you to see. Just like the rest.

  10. If you don’t believe what is happening, just google DHS and FEMA Concentration Camps in the US, or google Beech Grove Indiana Concentration Camp. It is set up just like the Holocaust! There are 800 here that are fully equipped and staffed. People better wake before it is too late, if not already. The media did not report that the million muslim march on 9/11 was given a permit, but a permit for the million biker ride for Veterans was denied, or the truckers protest driving to the capitol. We have known for a long time the media and government are not lying to us and hiding things from us.

  11. I believe her completely, and believe the mainstream media ONLY REPORTS what this Administration gives them permission to! It is simply a propaganda machine for him and his Administration, and resembles Germany much to not be concerned about it!!!!
    He’s had sooo many screw ups and cover-ups to count, yet the MSM keeps catching him when he gets caught!
    It is so sad that we can’t have a non-biased media.., if he were a Republican, heck – he’d be tarred and feathered, impeached and probably rotting in Leavenworth right mow!!!
    Nothing is EVER his fault… What happened to “the buck stops here?
    The man has NOT ONE SENSE of personal responsibility!

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