Loonie UK PM Cameron slams anti-mosque campaign

David Cameron has spoken out in response to a "scaremongering" leaflet against the building of a mosque in his Oxfordshire constituency

More clueless by the minute. Why doesn’t he move to Bradford, Rochdale, Luton and other nightmare areas and feel the wonders of multiculturalism that nearly 70% of the population of his entire country has had enough of?

By Press Association

David Cameron has condemned an “appalling” campaign against plans to build a mosque in his rural Oxfordshire constituency.

The Prime Minister, who is the Conservative MP for Witney, spoke out in response to a “scaremongering” leaflet which said he should be voted out for backing the scheme.

The “mosque alert” warning – bearing the name of the Nationalist Alliance – urged locals not to re-elect Mr Cameron at the next general election.

It claimed that not only was he a supporter of the proposed new place of worship for Muslims, but he had also “set up a special task force to ensure your children kneel before Allah”.

One leaflet was received by local councillor Tahirul Hasan, whose previous plan to build a mosque in the market town was thwarted by threats to burn down the premises he had planning permission to use, the Cotswold Journal reported.

Mr Cameron told the newspaper: “I condemn the ‘Nationalist Alliance’ for appalling behaviour, scaremongering and seeking to divide our community.

“I support Muslims in Chipping Norton having somewhere to pray. The idea that this means ensuring ‘your children will kneel before Allah’ is ludicrous.

“People in Chippy will see through this sort of nonsense.”


0 thoughts on “Loonie UK PM Cameron slams anti-mosque campaign”

  1. shit, he’s already bowed to allah, I pity the UK patriots, none they can turn to for help when their own elected officials betray them

  2. what England lacks is backbone, Israel has it ,they recognise islam for what is it, You English should have learned all you needed to know about Islam on 9 /11 and 7/7. so ,get on you knees ,the mujahideen are coming……..or, try to buy them off by building mosque after mosque……….we have about 1600 now…….inshallah

  3. All of this is very very strange. If UKIP frightens him with its few supporters, why is he enabling the rise of this insidious religious political force inside his nation. The only conclusion seems to be that he is a traitor to his own kind and to his nation! Where are the true blue English diehards within the Party – another mystery! Without question, there has to be a civil war if the ‘leaders’ continue with this sleight of hand takeover by an alien culture!

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