(Video) Syrian Girl Pimped Into Sex Jihad By Her Own Father Testifies

Muslim male respect for women, my ass! Here is the video testimony of another muslim father pimping his own daughter into prostitution. They even have a fancy name for it: “Jihad al Niqah”. Not that they are willing prostitutes, but gang raped prostitutes. She looks far too young for this kind of start of her youth. Getting gang raped by horrid, evil terrorists who cut hearts out of children, randomly shoot pregnant women for cigarettes, and kill minorities. And this is supposedly remove your sins and gain better deeds into your bank account of life. Oh really? Then why do they honor murder women? Are they not collecting points in good deeds and removing their sins then?

This poor girl, not even in the end of her teens, had no other weapon but to try and talk her rapists out of assaulting her while she was locked into a room with them. No one was there to help her and her own father did not respond to her cries and screams. What kind of people are these? These are not human beings! By god, Muslim men are the most evil deranged cretins on earth! Just vile and disgusting. Why don’t they just halal slaughter them all?

A Syrian girl who escaped from being forced into ‘Sex jihad’ with rebel forces in Syria testifies about her horrific experience.


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