(Video) Deadly Impasse: Syrian army, rebels locked in battle over Damascus

They want more money from American military aid. How disgusting is that? Terrorists want money so they can kill more people while pretending to be some kind of social justice fighters. Saudi Arabia and Qatar offered to foot the entire bill if America did their dirty work for them, and attacked Syria so their little Sunni-exterminate-Shia plan could proceed. When their master plan did not work as they wanted, they had temper tantrums at the UN council yesterday and rejected their newly offered membership.

A suicide bombing has claimed the lives of 16 Syrian soldiers near Damascus – it’s being blamed on Al-Qaeda affiliated militants. Meanwhile other opposition fractions have been pleading with the West for military and financial aid. RT’s Maria Finoshina is one of the few journalists who’s been reporting from Syria – she spoke to members of the Free Syrian Army inside rebel-held territory.


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