Unspeakable Muslim evils: Snipers in Syria target unborn children in competition to win cigarettes

Again the Saudi and Qatari funded terrorists, in their Sunni-Shia religious wars, blame Assad for their own barbarity. There never exist anything called freedom fighters or justice and democracy in this religion. Anyone who assumes that have not understood anything about Islam, the ideology that drives it, and the way these people operate.

Terrorism does not originate from poverty, social injustice and some ideal rebellion to do right and fight an oppressor to create a better society. This fact has been well researched and it has been proven that poverty is not the cause of terrorism. Terrorist organizations are extremely well funded and are rich and powerful. When they rule, they create nothing good or any betterment for anyone. On the contrary, they destroy what little is there and create pure hell to people for their own sinister agenda. An example of this can be given in Afghanistan where the Taliban created sheer hell to the people by their medieval Sharia rule. Arab spring is merely a fable. Arab spring is merely an effort to usher in a new Caliphate, a cruel ‘muslims only’ dictatorship that will enslave and persecute everyone else.

The Wahhabi Sunni’s are particularly cruel by nature and always keen to create violent and deadly conflicts. Over 70% of all terrorist related deeds around the world are Sunni initiated. Syria it is home to diverse ethnic and religious groups, including Arab Alawites, Arab Sunnis, Arab Christians, Armenians, Assyrians, Druze, Kurds and Turks. Arab Sunnis make up the majority of the population. The Sunni muslims want President Bashar al-Assad removed from Syria at all costs, and for the Christians and minorities to be killed. They want strict Wahhabi rule to run Syria under Sunni leadership. They don’t want any minorities anywhere in the Sunni region. They feel threatened by the Shia dominated Iran. And Assad, being stuck alone in an ocean of Sunni leadership around him, has found an alley in Iran. That friendship makes everyone hostile, and Assad is looked on as a threat. Assad on the other hand pander to the ideas of his friends in Iran, and is willing to be a bridge for Iran to victimize Israel. The usual muslim way, conflict, threats and aggression, is making life hell for everyone.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar has funded billions of dollars to recruit terrorists to force their evils on Syria and persecute minorities. So much so they have orchestrated the usual propaganda we tend to see with Palestinians. In Syria they kidnapped children from the mountains of Latakia belonging to the Arab Alawite community, the same minority community that President Assad comes from.  These children were then used as their tools, and killed with chemical weapons that the Sunni terrorists acquired from Turkey (another terror promoter), Iran with the help of Hezbollah, the Iranian terrorist organization, and Jordan. Although the terrorists pretend to be rebels and victims of a chemical attack, we assess and believe the children were killed by pesticides, not by chemical weapons. Adult extremists can be seen pretending to help the children, walking freely about without any protective gear. This would not be possible in an actual chemical attack. They then burnt the bodies before UN inspectors had a chance to do autopsies.

Meanwhile when children, women and men are starving over a religious war, the Sunni clerics have declared that it is okay if the starving minorities, stuck inside the terrorist occupied zone in Syria, stuck between the battles of terrorists and government forces, can eat “cats, dogs and donkeys” under new Islamic fatwa  without displeasing their warlord Allah. Obviously it’s not haram to murder each other. And that is how sick these muslims are. Absolutely sick, inhumane, savage, callous and murderous. It’s not a human being. How about them spending their oil money to help each other out, to advance in intelligence, medicine, technology and become a human being rather than the ghost of death and destruction they are?

If they do this to their own people, what do you think they will do to you when they have a chance?


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Is this the most sickening image of the war in Syria so far? Snipers target unborn children in chilling competition to win cigarettes

  • Pregnant women targeted by snipers in Syrian war zone competitions
  • Sickening game sees snipers awarded with cigarettes if they hit ‘targets’
  • British surgeon witnessed foetuses shot dead in their mothers’ wombs
  • Dr David Nott described snipers’ ‘different targets’ on civilian’s each day

By Sara Malm PUBLISHED: 19 October 2013  |  Dailymail

The unborn children of Syrian women are the targets of a sickening war game where a shooter who murders a foetus in its mother’s womb is awarded with cigarettes, a British surgeon has revealed.

Dr David Nott witnessed evidence of fighters using civilians as target practice and on several occasions shooting pregnant women in the stomach, killing their unborn babies.

Dr Nott, recently returned from volunteering at a Syrian hospital, said there are local rumours the snipers are sell swords, working for the Assad regime, awarded when they ‘hit the correct targets’.

Horrifying: The x-ray image shows a full-term foetus with a bullet lodged in its brain, shot dead in its mother's womb

Horrifying: The x-ray image shows a full-term foetus with a bullet lodged in its brain, shot dead in its mother’s womb

Dr Nott, a vascular surgeon at Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London, has told of the horrors suffered by civilians caught between government troops and rebels, describing it as ‘hell beyond hell’.

As women and children cross through the unnamed city where he was stationed, they would be shot by snipers – and their wounds followed disturbing patterns.

‘From the first patients that came in in the morning, you could almost tell what you would see for the rest of the day. It was a game,’ he told The Times.

‘One day it would be shots to the groin. The next, it would only be the left chest. The day after, we would see no chest wounds; they were all neck [wounds].’

Dr Nott told the newspaper that in his 20 years volunteering in war zones, this is the first time he had witnessed pregnant women being targeted.

Chilling game: A British surgeon has revealed that snipers are targeting women and children as they fetch food and supplies. such as here in Homs where a girl is seen collecting water

Chilling game: A British surgeon has revealed that snipers are targeting women and children as they fetch food and supplies. such as here in Homs where a girl is seen collecting water

Unfathomable cruelty: The game sees snipers 'targeting' different body parts on women and children and , according to local rumours, are awarded with cigarettes when they hit them

Unfathomable cruelty: The game sees snipers ‘targeting’ different body parts on women and children and , according to local rumours, are awarded with cigarettes when they hit them (pictured is an opposition fighter in Syria’s northeastern city of Deir Ezzor)

He described the day two consecutive patients arrived at his clinic, heavily pregnant with their babies shot to death in their stomachs.

‘The women were all shot through the uterus, so that must have been where they were aiming for. I can’t even begin to tell you how awful it was. Usually, civilians are caught in the crossfire. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this. This was deliberate. It was hell beyond hell.’

Dr Nott, who counts Tony Blair among his former patients, has returned to London after five weeks in Syria to reveal abysmal conditions in the local hospitals with little to no evidence of aid.

The civil war in Syria show no evidence of slowing down today as government air force jets bombarded the eastern city of Deir al-Zor on Friday.

Heavy overnight clashes saw the killing of dozens of rebels and pro-Assad forces, including one of the president’s top military intelligence officers, activists said.


Desperate; This little girl died of starvation shortly after she was filmed. There are reports that children are eating leaves because they are so hungry

General Jama’a Jama’a was shot dead on Thursday by snipers in the midst of a battle with rebels including forces linked to al Qaeda, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

His death, celebrated by rebels and opposition activists, marked a significant setback for Assad’s bid to retain a hold over the city, capital of the eastern oil-producing province.

Syria’s civil war has killed more than 100,000 people and divided the Middle East between Sunni Gulf states and Turkey which mostly support the rebels, and Shi’ite Iran and Hezbollah which have backed Assad.

International efforts are growing to convene peace talks in Geneva next month, encouraged by rare agreement among global powers over the elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons after sarin gas attacks near Damascus in August.

But the United States and Russia, responding to Syria’s announcement that the talks would go ahead in Geneva on Nov. 23-24, said on Thursday that no date had yet been set.

The international envoy for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, is due to hold talks in the Middle East next week to try to prepare for the negotiations, his spokeswoman said.


0 thoughts on “Unspeakable Muslim evils: Snipers in Syria target unborn children in competition to win cigarettes”

  1. There are no limits to Muslim/Arab violence and war. Islamic Culture and Sharia law have no ethical limits unlike western culture. Muslim/Arab culture allows everything and anything. Following the example of Mohammad who beheaded 800 men and then rape the wives of the 800 in the blood of the 800.

  2. I have difficulty believing Assad’s army would do this. This is more something the rebels would do if we consider all we have seen from the rebels and the rumors they have been spreading about the Syrian army to get foreign intervention involved.

    Plus, the fact the British are blaming Assad does not give me confidence. I trust nothing the British or American governments says about this war.

    Nonetheless, the mere fact of killing defenceless pregnant or non pregnant women for cigarettes is utter evil.

  3. Muslim Fighters !! They bang on about their God. They strap bombs to children and send them to blow up more innocents !! They talk about if they kill infidels they will go to Paradise and have Virgins attend them…. Well !! If they believe in Heaven then they MUST believe in Hell .. WHAT do you have to do in the Muslim religion to warrant Gods punishment.. I want NO part of their idea of God !!

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