Your Daily Muslim: Khadim Hussain

Your Daily Muslim

Something is always getting under Muslims’ skin. Whether it’s other religions’ holidays, bacon, or liquid explosives, something will always be irritating the followers of Muhammad (pigs be upon him) to their core. Khadim Hussain, president of the Bradford Council for Mosques and newly elected Lord Mayor, is one such Muslim whose panties are always in a knot. Hell, he’s probably gonna get pissed if he reads this because I just used a colloquial expression that refers to him as a panty-wearer. What are some of the things Hussain has gotten pissed about? Israel, the English Defence League (EDL), and bingo.

Hussain signed a petition asking the British prime minister to lift the blockade of Gaza. The petition included some very harsh language against Israel, saying that Palestinians were “refugees in their own country.” Uhh, with the way they behave, they seem more like squatters living on someone else’s property. In addition…

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