*Videos* Dozens Of Gazans Injured As They Torture, Slaughter Cattle For Eid!

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Palestine Today reports that 125 Gazans were injured, one seriously, as people tried to slaughter cows and bulls in the streets of Gaza for the Eid al Adha holiday.


Videos show that the people are torturing and taunting the animals in the streets, and the beasts are responding the only way they can.

Meanwhile, so many people slaughtered cattle in the already overcrowded streets of Gaza that people were complaining that it is a health issue, as the slaughterers were leaving blood and bones and animal skins on the street. The carcasses were attracting dogs and mosquitoes.




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0 thoughts on “*Videos* Dozens Of Gazans Injured As They Torture, Slaughter Cattle For Eid!”

  1. That is why we need Texas Longhorn Cattle to teach them a lesson!

    I need all of you to help with this.
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    Income in the fifth year: Total income: $179,719. Annual Kg per Capita: Consumption of Fresh Beef 8.7 has increased while consumption of low quality Frozen beef has declined 8.7 or remained the same.

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