Meet Joseph, the Christian slave who designed the most magnificient mosques in Islamic history

Joseph, the Orthodox Greek Christian slave snatched from his parents as a child, and forcefully converted to Islam. In this oppressive condition he was given the name Mimār Koca Sinān.

They outsourced then as much as they outsource now. So, there goes another fabled silly theory about Islamic inventions brought to a ‘backward’ Europe. For many years historians have claimed muslims created some of the most impressive architecture in history. They in fact, created nothing. Facts are changing these fantasies as more and more lost pieces of history are floating to the surface. 

Islam’s discoveries and contributions to the world were nothing else but acquisitions from brutal militant force and occupation and came from booty. The Islamic rule only existed like a parasite on the looted wealth, inventions, progress, evolvement and slave labor of it’s original host where Muslims had forced their presence. Even the Qur’an is the result of regional looting and booty, from raid after raid, weaving the faiths of locals myths and interfaith groups from a myriad of branches of Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism (paganism) existing in the Arabian peninsula for centuries pre-Islam.

And since parasites can only survive on a host, the Islamic empires became frail and weak, being unable to stay alive and rejuvenate or create anything new of their own (and they never have even to this day). The Caliph could only exist to the point where life and wealth was sucked out of the host until it got exhausted.

Joseph’s greatest creation, Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul (the most advanced and prosperous Christian city, Constantinople, until Islam dragged it into oblivion). Joseph Mimār Sinān designed the mosque during his life in slavery based on the principle rules of architecture from Greek Orthodox Churches – but with signs of a parasitic host added as decor, and towers in the shape of daggers like weapons… Joseph’s creation tells us who was there before the Ottoman’s, and who superimposed itself on the real power, perhaps so future generations would never forget?

Devshirme – Blood Tax On All Non-Muslims In The Form Of Money Or Slavery

The Ottoman muslims took Christian children as devshirme to serve in the empire. One of those children was Joseph, or as he became known under his converted muslim name: Mimār Koca Sinān, the “Great Architect Sinān”.

Devşirme (blood tax) was chiefly the practice by which the Ottoman Empire took boys from their Christian families, who were then forcefully converted to Islam with the primary objective of selecting and training the ablest children for leadership positions, either as military leaders or as high administrators to serve the Empire, though in Bosnia, exceptionally, the devşirme was also extended to local Muslim families.

The ideal age of a recruit was between 7 and 10 years of age, although they recruited much younger boys. The devşirme system was locally resented and was resisted, even to the point of disfiguring their sons. That should give us an idea that the slavery was something unpleasant and horrific for these people, and not some era of respect for Christians or any other minority that had to endure Muslim rule. It is also during this period prophet Mohammed became more and more referred  to as the Anti-Christ throughout Europe.  Some historians want to believe this was propaganda. But we believe it was the people’s assessment from the suffering they endured, that pushed them to even disfigure their own children to spare them being enslaved by Muslims.

According to Yoel Natan, between 200,000 and 300,000 boys were subjected to devşirme in period from the 15th until the 17th century; a policy that is installed in Muslim sharia law.

Vladimir Minorsky states, “The most striking manifestation of this fact is the unprecedented system of devshirme, i.e. the periodic conscription of ‘tribute boys’, by which the children of Christians were wrung from their families, churches, and communities to be molded into Ottoman praetorians owing their allegiance to the Sultan and the official faith of Islam.” This system as explained by Çandarlı Kara Halil Hayreddin Pasha, founder of the Janissaries, “The conquered are slaves of the conquerors, to whom their goods, their women, and their children belong as lawful possession“, indicates the clear opinion of an Ottoman official regarding devşirme.

The devşirme were collected once every four or five years from rural provinces in Balkans, and with a few exceptions, only from non-Muslims. The devşirme levy was not applied to the major cities of the empire, and children of local craftsmen in rural towns were also exempt, as it was considered that conscripting them would harm the economy.

In early days all Christians were enrolled indiscriminately; later those from Albania and Bosnia were preferred. Bernard Lewis points that the core of the “Ottoman Janissaries were Slavic and Balkan origin, particularly Albanian, Serb, and Macedonians. ” Well known examples of Ottomans who had been recruited in the devşirme include Scanderbeg and Sinan Pasha.

Jews were exempt from this service and until recently Armenians were thought to have been exempt also. However, Armenian colophons from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries and foreign travelers of the time indicate that Armenians were indeed not spared from the devşirme.

What is certain is that devşirme were primarily recruited from Christians in the Balkans. However, Bosnian Muslims were also recruited and sent directly to serve in the Palace (rather than the military), under groups called “potor”.

The Greek Christian Slave Who Became Islam’s Greatest Architect

Mimār Koca Sinān, the “Great Architect Sinān”, was born in Anatolia, Turkey in 1489; he died in Istanbul in 1588. Generally considered the greatest of all Ottoman architects, Sinān’s career spanned about fifty years since he was appointed chief royal architect to the Ottoman court by Sultan Suleyman I in 1539. His great mosques are the archetypal image of Turkish Ottoman architecture.

Born MIMAR SINANc. 1489/1490
Ağırnas, Karaman Eyalet,
Ottoman Empire
now Kayseri Province
Died July 17, 1588 (aged 98)
Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
Nationality Ottoman
Buildings Süleymaniye Mosque
Selimiye Mosque
Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge
Mihrimah Sultan Mosque
Mihrimah Mosque
Kılıç Ali Pasha Complex
Şehzade Mosque
Haseki Baths
Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque
Banya Bashi Mosque
Church of the Assumption

During his long career Sinān built hundreds of buildings including mosques, palaces, harems, chapels, tombs, schools, almshouses, madrassahs, caravan serais, granaries, fountains, aqueducts and hospitals. Of this diverse group of works, his mosques have been most influential. In his mosques’ design, Sinān exerted his inventive experimentation with centralized domed spaces, often compared with parallel developments in Renaissance Italy, produced monuments in which the central dome appearted weightless and the interior surfaces bathed in light. He often designed his mosques as part of a complex comprising schools, baths, guesthouses and hospitals.

The life story of Sinān is somewhat complex and full of uncertainties. The successful career of this great architect and his genius have prompted great interest among historians of architecture and of Islamic civilisation in the Ottoman period. Some of these scholars constructed his life story linking it very much to his Christian origin. As narrated in these sources, the story consists of the following. Sinān was the son of Greek Orthodox Christian parents. His father was a stonemason and a carpenter from Greece, or Serbia, or may be Austria.

His mother, according to Egli was imprisoned and then enslaved by Ibrahim Pasha. Sinān learnt his father’s trade at his youth but he was snatched from his family and taken to work for the Caliph court. With the skills learnt at an early age, he quickly developed his career of architect from his military service at the Janissary Corps. Such a tale is repeated in several recent historical sources.

The interiors of the Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, looking ever so much a Greek Orthodox church.

In 1512, Sinan was conscripted into Ottoman service under the devshirme system. and was sent to Constantinople to be trained as an officer the Janissary Corps and converted to Islam. He was too old to be admitted to the imperial Enderun School in the Topkapı Palace but was sent instead to an auxiliary school. Some records claim that he might have served the Grand Vizier Pargalı İbrahim Pasha as a novice of the Ibrahim Pasha School. Possibly, he was given the Islamic name Sinan there. He initially learned carpentry and mathematics but through his intellectual qualities and ambitions, he soon assisted the leading architects and got his training as an architect.

File:Cour mosquee Suleymaniye Istanbul.jpg

During the next six years, he also trained to be a Janissary officer (acemioğlan). He possibly joined Selim I in his last military campaign, Rhodes according to some sources, but when the Sultan died, this project ended. Two years later he witnessed the conquest of Belgrade. Under the new sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, he was present, as a member of the Household Cavalry, at the Battle of Mohács. He was promoted to captain of the Royal Guard and then given command of the Infantry Cadet Corps. He was later stationed in Austria, where he commanded the 62nd Orta of the Rifle Corps. He became a master of archery, while at the same time, as an architect, learning the weak points of structures when gunning them down. In 1535 he participated in the Baghdad campaign as a commanding officer of the Royal Guard. In 1537 he went on expeditions to Corfu and Apulia and Moldavia.

During these campaigns he proved himself an able architect and engineer. When the Ottoman army captured Cairo, Sinan was promoted to chief architect and was given the privilege of tearing down any buildings in the captured city that were not according to the city plan [=had to be converted to an Islamic building to show takeover, superiority, conquest]. During the campaign in the East, he assisted in the building of defences and bridges, such as a bridge across the Danube. He converted churches into mosques.

The Architecture of Greek Orthodox Churches/Cathedrals

An example of the architecture of a modernized Greek Orthodox Church. Bottom image: The ancient Greek Orthodox CHURCH Hagia Sofia cathedral is once again afflicted by a parasitic host and is now being turned into a mosque. And compare the pre-islamic church to the Süleymaniye Mosque below. Look familiar?


1.  ‘Hagia Sophia (Turkish: Ayasofya) is a former Greek Orthodox patriarchal basilica.’
2.  ‘It is certain that both his [Mimar Sinan] parents were of the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith, since the Ottoman archives of that epoch recorded only religion information about the population’
3.  ‘In 1512, Sinan was conscripted into Ottoman service under the devshirme system [jizya/blood tax in the form of slavery to avoid being persecuted and killed].’
4.  Muslim slave trade:; “…and point out that many Christian families were hostile and resentful about it – which is perhaps underlined by the use of force to impose the system.“.
5.  Yannaras, Christos, Orthodoxy and the West: Hellenic self-identity in the modern age, (Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2006), 112.
6.  Schindler, John R., Unholy terror: Bosnia, al-Qa’ida, and the rise of global jihad, (Zenith Press, 2007), 23.
7.  Bostom, Andrew G. “Jihad Conquests and the Impositions of Dhimmitude – A Survey” in The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims. Andrew G. Bostom (ed.) New York: Prometheus Book, 2005, pp. 41-46.
8.  S. Trifkovic. The Sword of the Prophet: Islam; History, Theology, Impact on the World. p. 9


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  1. Who writes this stuff. I mean is a neo nazi muslim hater an admin…If the article is meant to tell the story of a christian who created great works of architecture then say that but don’t ramble on about how the whole religion rapes and pillages knowledge.

    The catholic church still hates gays, contraception, science, vaccinations, and other religions.
    We build telescopes that see solar systems being created 100 billion miles away…why argue over whose God is more loving, your both wrong we are the result of millions of years of evolution and the earth is only here because of dumb luck.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but this whole website is dedicated to the sharing of misinformation and for venting your racist beliefs.

    1. What a ridiculous Islamo-nazi comment. This is from history. Anyone can research it and find the information on the evils the world has endured under Islam and Muslim brutality and occupation of other people’s wealth and lands. And nothing has changed 1400 years later.

      1. Oh jeez what a surprise another post with zero evidence or related information and all objective personal feelings.

        There is 1.3 billion people that would disagree and tell you Islam is the most important thing in the world.

        Im not Islamic, nor am I catholic or Buddhist.
        I was raised Catholic, and knew early on Catholothism indoctrinates children just as much as any other religion. In Canada taxpayers are responsible for funding the catholic education system while every other religion is forced into a public school.

        I hate every religion, science continues do disprove more and more yet you all run like children with their hands covering their ears yelling its all lies.

        Fact is there is more than one universe, more than one intelligent species, more than one species before humanity.
        Ever notice the Bibles of the world forget about dinosaurs even though you had phrophits that saw all of history and claimed to be touched by an omnipotent being…ya same as the big bang..and stem cells, cloning, atoms,etc.

        I will say the middle east still allows their beliefs to influence their law more so than catholics.

      2. More islamo-nazi drivel. The whole article has links to references. Muslims never want references. They are like ghosts, living and breathing on lies and propaganda from birth to death, like a demoniac entity. No wonder no one has ever, once respected, Islam or its followers.

      3. Lmfao Admin you kill me.
        Im not religious im Canadian btw.
        I look at religion like a mental illness. You either have to be stupid,broken or tricked into believing such crap.

        Magic being that can know everything that ever will or has happened all at once. created the universe with the snap of some fingers….like I believe in Willy Wonka more than God.

        Your references are regarding slavery…which catholics had no problem with and still have no problem with. Architecture…which is during certain times in history many locations had similar architecture. Especially temples because they required huge amounts of resources and skill to complete.

        I dunno man I cant argue with God believers its like trying to tell a kid the tooth fairy doesn’t exist. I like facts but all you give in this article is opinion and ramble on with your anti muslim agenda.

        Before you go on replying or continuing to write **** like this read Revelations. That clearly tells the tale of mass genocide by your god against anyone who doesn’t believe in him or repent.

      4. Aidan, do you believe we are born yesterday? No one born in the West writes like you. No one born in the West has such poor grasp of European and Western history with some “god” who kills people. The concept of a murderous god is alien in the West but common in the East. Therefore we conclude you are a Muslim, whether Canada made the mistake of giving you citizenship or not. Your arguments and thinking is eastern, not western.

      5. Lmfao I was born in Canada and my ancestors are from Ireland and Poland so I cant get any whiter if I tried.
        Im an Atheist and a theorist. I cant stand to see people fight over religion. Its like fighting over who gets the first cup of imaginary tea at a childrens party.

        Heaven doesn’t exist, souls don’t exist, there is no creator.
        The universe is a massive lottery that uses matter or atoms as the building blocks. We are here because in the 10 billion years we think the universe has been here one star managed to craft a solar system in which a planet with water is in a habitable zone.

        I Said I am not religious I am Canadian because I am proud to be from where I am, My beliefs consist of human rights and socialism not of whose God is more powerful or what paradis I will go to.

        Both religions teach their followers to love,respect and share with everyone. You idiots read the Islamic version of Revelations and claim all they want is the death of everyone.

        Catholics believe the exact same thing, you believe your going to get zapped up to heaven and let everyone else burn for eternity in a hell fit for the worst creatures to walk the earth…that contradict the commandments, the beatitudes and human rights. Both of your religions are founded on a church that takes peoples money and forces people to do what they want.

    2. No one is saying that anyone’s god is ‘more loving’. The point is that Islamic apologists always claim a ‘Golden Age’ of islam. This essay is one point of pushback against that propaganda, showing that these examples of ‘great islamic architecture’ were actually produced by a man trained in his craft by a Christian family and stolen a a boy – i.e. The technology as usual was looted from a productive culture.

      No islamic pride to be seen here – move along folks…

      1. The current punishment for leaving the church is apparently eternal damnation if you believe in fantasies like that.

      2. No you dumb fuck. I’m an atheist. And when I left the catholic church I was not threatened with death and was not demonized by my family. For you to be an atheist and come out to the defense of islam so feverishly it tells me you’re A. an apologist too scared to admit. B. a muslim.

      3. You asked what the punishment I gave you the answer.
        Being an Atheist is admitting you know more than other people.
        I consider myself one but I would rather be called agnostic as I cannot answer the question Does God exist?

        I would like to think the universe came to be by science and mathematics not by a God but fact is I am one person and our world is inhabited by 7 billion people.

        I cannot say every religious person is wrong and I also am not trying to insult you.
        I am trying to show some of these people that catholicism hurts and segregates people just as much as the islamic religion does.

        Most Americans don’t care, some believe Islam is out to get all the good people in the world, Im here to say thats false. I don’t agree with Islam but I must think logically not through emotion and fear.

        You rely on fear to prove your point. Islam is scary to people who have only heard the bad and ignore the good. Just as catholics scare Muslims because of the atrocities done in the past.

        Regardless I’m tired of bickering on a chat that involves racists and fear mongers.
        I wont be returning to this site and il chalk this one up as another group of people who blindly hate rather than learn and respect all cultures.

      4. don’t let the door hit you on the way out. and please. go to saudi arabia or iran and love openly as an atheist. then we’ll talk.

    3. Evolution is not a theory, technically, because it can not be proven repeated. There is no peer review on your supposed theory. Darwin’s proposed idea still needs evidence in the fossil record. So I would not be too cocky.

      1. OMFG thats rich.

        Sorry but evolution is now a proven theory not just a pieced together scientific dream.
        Evolution and the survival of the fittest gave us Hiccups because we use to dual breath water and air.
        The goosebumps you get are from when we were coated in Fur and raised our hair like animals.

        Our social habits derive from early settlers moving from Africa experiencing the last Ice age. Domesticated Dogs at one point happened to be Wolves who came in to eat and help humans hunt.

        We have hundreds of fossils and a recent find proves One dominant species of early humans came from Africa nearly 2 Million years ago.

        I love people who argue Evolution. Is the sky green in your world, do you have two suns…idiot.
        Oh and please no peer review, Darwins original theory has been altered as recent discoveries even disprove some of his assumptions. We are beyond the point of arguing evolution it is much a fact as the Earth orbits the Sun.

  2. You are misinformed. The Catholic church has produced GREAT scientists.
    If you thik this site offers “misinformation”….instead of criticizing ti…why don’t you offer actual articles that ARE true to dispute a comment or article.

    That is, of course, IF it is the truth you want to get out there vs. sounding like a hateful little school girl.

    1. K well I never said catholics never produced scientists…they just killed them or publicly shamed them when they went against the church.

      1. What a silly statement! Catholics killed Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Darwin, and so on? They did not kill their greatest inventors. Islam enslaved, slaughtered, raped and enslaved. Muslims also killed their prophets through history in the most brutal way (ex al-hallaj). The rest of the world was more evolved. You have still not evolved!

      2. If that is true, then prove it for us by finding us an article with confirmation.
        I am open to hear the truth…On this serious, I just won’t take someone’s word for it… especially, If I don’t know them.

      3. Its common knowledge that the catholic church fought against science. Even in modern times the pope saying to the African nations that contraception is going against god.

        Abortion is a touchy subject but no idiot in a big white hat has the right to dictate what people can and cant do.

        Pope saying scientific advancement of human beings is against gods will…tell me how we travel light years to another planet without genetically modifying ourselves.

        After all this time finally some change in the church.

        Condemnations of 1210 which forced people to stop teaching certain subjects because of heresy

        Galileo was despised by the church until overwhelming public support for him made the church overturn their views.

        EVERY religion still refuses to believe in evolution.

        How about the destruction of almost all native populations on the planet.

        Need I go on.

      4. Hey dumb shit. Read up. who was the first person to come up with the big bang theory that contradicts pretty much all basis of creationism? A catholic priest. I’m an atheist and still hate islam.

      5. Hey diego. True a priest came up with the theory but that theory is dated and a more complex theory now exists.

        Science is great because we are not locked to one belief. When science gives us more insight we embrace change and thrive in those situations.

        The current theory is that a sun going supernova collided with a black hole. The suns matter is taken apart and sent beyond the black hole. We have not observed what happens when that occurs but we believe every black hole can contain another universe. Another version of time and physics all together happening billions of times across the universe.

        I like the big bang and the multiverse theory much more that magic fairy snapped his fingers and the universe appeared. Then appears as a bush telling people how to live.

        You can stick with that one but il call you Derp.

      6. name one thing. just one good thing islam has brought to the world. and by islam I’m talking about the religion itself and not just because someone is a muslim and delivered a baby in a subway does it mean islam played a part on it. the judeo christian religion has done horrible things. but at least they have had the balls to come forward and and fess up to their mistakes. muslims take no responsibility whatsover for their actions and will always blame anyone and everyone who is not a follower of their shit cult. don’t get me started with the crusades. pope JP2 at least issued a public apology years back. We are yet to hear anything about the armenian genocide, the mufti ss troops of ww2. Do you want me to keep adding to the list?

      7. Diego. Considering that Muslims had already wiped out almost all churches in Egypt, North Africa and a chunk of the way into Asia, had landed on the shores of Italy and pillaged a good chunk of all towns and cities on the Med, while the Byzantines were being attacked numerous times over one hundred years, the Crusades were more of a last minute stand up to a bully more than anything else. Yep, there were idiots that committed some atrocities on the “Christian” side, but no-one seems to be able to count the number of atrocities committed by the Islamic side.

      8. Super Nova, big bang, etc. All theories from people with open minds and not fixated on a bullshit cult that even tells people how to wipe their ass and also tells them the sun hides in a puddle of water. Seriously?

      9. “Lmfao Admin you kill me.
        Im not religious im Canadian btw.”

        Anyone who can put together two sentences like those above is clearly punching higher than his intellectual weight on a site like this. Aidan, you’re a troll, and your attempts to create moral equivalency between the Catholic Church 500 years ago and Islam 500 years ago right through to today are pitiful. If I were you, I’d quit while I was still behind.

        You’re not religious, you’re Canadian. Now I really have seen the nadir of stupidity.

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