Teen testifies in Saudi air force sergeant rape at Las Vegas casino

And another one. The assault cases just don’t end.

The Arabs want to “ban” (kill) all gays from their countries. If they would kill all gays in the Muslim world, their entire countries would be almost empty!

And btw, why is this spawn of the devil in the U.S. for “military training”? Another one of Obama’s truly insane programs?


Teen testifies in rape case against Saudi air force sergeant at Las Vegas casino

A 14-year-old boy said he was ‘freaked out’ by a Saudi Arabian sergeant’s sexual advance on New Year’s Eve but didn’t know how to escape before being sexually assaulted and raped. Mazen Alotaibi, 24, who was in the U.S. for military training, could face life in prison if convicted.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Published: Wednesday, October 16, 2013, 10:23 AM

Julie Jacobson/AP:  Saudi Arabian Air Foce Sergeant Mazen Alotaibi, 24, was in the U.S. for military training on New Years Eve when a then 13-year-old boy told police that he was sexually assaulted and raped by him.

LAS VEGAS — A 14-year-old California boy testified Monday that he was “freaked out” when a Saudi Arabian air force sergeant made sexual advances toward him in a Las Vegas casino on New Year’s Eve, but he couldn’t figure out how to get away before the man sexually assaulted and raped him on a hotel bathroom floor.

The account came Monday, as Mazen Alotaibi, 24, stands trial in Clark County district court on nine counts, including kidnapping, sexual assault and lewdness with a child. He’s being held on more than $1.7 million bail and could face life in prison if convicted.

“It felt like I was trapped in a corner,” the boy said about the encounter at Circus Circus, his voice getting so quiet as he recounted details of the incident that attorneys repeatedly told him to speak up. “I was freaked out and I wanted to leave, but I didn’t know what to do.”

The Associated Press is not naming the boy, who was 13 at the time of the alleged crime, because he is a minor.

The boy said he was killing time while waiting for a friend to join him on a doughnut run when he met Alotaibi. The air force sergeant had bloodshot eyes and smelled of marijuana, the teen said, and he ended up following the man to a room on promises of getting pot for himself.

Shortly after, the boy said, Alotaibi offered to pay him money for sex, and he verbally agreed to the offer in hopes of tricking the man and running away before anything happened.

The teen told police he was in Las Vegas' Circus Circus casino, pictured, when Alotaibi approached him offering money for sex. The boy said he thought he'd be able to take the money and run so agreed.Ethan Miller/Getty Images: The teen told police he was in Las Vegas’ Circus Circus casino, pictured, when Alotaibi approached him offering money for sex. The boy said he thought he’d be able to take the money and run so agreed.

It was in the hotel room that Alotaibi shut the boy up into the bathroom, offering him $150 and then even more before forcing himself on the teen, according to the boy’s account.

The boy said he ran off and reported the rape to hotel security, fearing that he may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

Alotaibi’s lawyer, Don Chairez, questioned the boy about why he didn’t bite, scratch or hit the sergeant during the encounter. He also pointed out that the teen has given different stories to different people – he told detectives he’d been dragged into the room, but now says he went willingly.

“I made up part of story so I wouldn’t get in trouble with my parents” over the marijuana, he explained Monday.

Chairez has argued that Alotaibi, who was in the U.S. for military training, was tired and intoxicated after traveling to Las Vegas from Los Angeles and staying up all night drinking cognac at a strip club. He also was too limited in English and too unfamiliar with U.S. law to waive his right to have a lawyer with him while he answered police questions, the lawyer said.

Alotaibi, sitting handcuffed in a police interview room, never asked for a translator and appeared at the beginning of the 70-minute videotaped interview to waive his right to have a lawyer present. He also said he didn’t understand why he was there.

Police reported collecting DNA evidence from a used condom and a soiled towel found in the bathroom. The prosecutor said DNA swabbed from the boy’s neck, ear, chest and other body parts was consistent with two people, including Alotaibi.

Chairez has said the DNA evidence was inconclusive and showed no link to Mazen.


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  1. Please if he is found guilty please just hang him i as an american taxpayer dont want to support this bastard in jail in the tune of probably millions of dollars………..give at least half of the money saved to families IN AMERICA………

  2. This is so gross. So is our ongoing military relationship with the Saudis. Just stop cooperating with them at all. Saudi Arabia should be named a state sponsor of terrorism.

  3. Well, apparently most of the comments down are full of anger, I understand that. Who would enjoy children kidnapping stories? no one, me too and most of Saudis as well.. Does Islam have anything to do with this? Absolutely not, u can easily check the Holy Quran it’s only 604 pages “which is way less than any regular novel for Dan Brown in pages no.” and lemme know if you found any single statement encourage kids kidnapping to apologize for being a Muslim.. Mr. Robin, we both “as human beings” disagree with such behaviors and actions but it would be good if you double check your theory about Islam before insulting billion of ppl everywhere.. Have a good day

  4. Islam has conflicting attitudes regArding homosexuality. Sharia does not condemn all homosexual behaviors. A non-Muslim 13 year old boy does not come under any protection within Islam. It is not the homosexual act that is condemned, but the to whom and the by whom.

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